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  1. Zakaria now knows that CT can camp unless the bomb has been planted, and has been warned for this. He won't do it again, sorry for the inconvenience. WARNED & CLOSED.
  2. @[Z]aK[aRi]A^ - CTs objective is to secure bomb sites, while TTs have to plant the bomb, please explain why you did this. As for staying in base, you did deserve a warning there, you aren't securing a bomb site by doing that. (Please upload your screenshot again, at Imgur .. I'll also check logs) By the way, there's a proper format for this. (and section)
  3. It has been discussed already, thank you for your report. Closed.
  4. Indeed, there's times were one has to give up some things, either forever or for a pretty long time, but it's for the best. You always should focus on your dreams and for that, one has to be decisive. I wish you the best on what you're pursuing, and to have an amazingly good life! See you 😃
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