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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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  1. HideNSeek mod is specially made for people who like to strafe/bunnyhop and such that. we brought you this mod in order to have fun and enjoyment. what you need to know about HNS BlockMaker is it's like any normal HNS server but within blocks to jump on and other features to achieve more creativity in the gameplay. Requirements : max fps supported in the server is 144 , you go higher you will be kicked auto. it will be auto fixed to 144 once you join the server only so please do NOT attempt to change it to higher. ofcourse you need to bind the jumping , cro
  2. If you have any idea to present it for us and you think it might help the server in any way please provide it for us by taking into account the following form : Suggestion Name : Suggestion explanation : Suggestion reason (why do you think we should it and how useful it is) : Regards, Jihad.
  3. HideNSeek Welcome to HideNSeek Mode where the Counter-Terrorists(CTs) are on a chasing mission against the Terrorists(T) whose Objective is to escape from the CTs at all times. Main HNS Rules : 1-Any type of insulting/spamming is NOT allowed on mic such as Flood , screaming , sexism , harming and racism. 2-Any type of advertising on the server is NOT allowed.( Servers, Websites) 3-Using map exploits/glitches/bugs as Abusing is NOT allowed.(you must report it) 4-Ghosting is NOT allowed during the round(snitching on positions of Ts and CTs) 5-Teaming is NOT allowe
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