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  1. @MoChakis Congratulation Bro Keep Up ❤️
  2. Lol Its new plugin to get speedhackers ban him if you saw it with demo they didin't ban it -_-
  3. Yes I see him much time block hummens by sb and block me too and He didin't respect us aswell we are admins
  4. Don't worry we make rules about this And I ban them after 3 warnings
  5. Yes Me too I missed This Mod I like it so Much Thanks To all ❤️
  6. I do This Suggest for This plugin adds a new type of grenade, the Molotov cocktail. It can be used in addition to the standard grenade (high explosive in CS/CS:CZ, hand grenade/stick grenade/Mills bomb in DOD, hand grenade in TFC), or as a replacement. I hope to add It And Get more fun Description link : https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=80745
  7. I Hope You like It guys This Is 2 Best Job Enjoy ❤️ By [L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!}
  8. Lol I said I was watching Animes Of icchi right now
  9. Lol I don't like much icchi But My favourite anime : Naruto Dragonball all season Attaque on Titan Boku no hero Death note One piece Tokyo ghool Parasyte Bleach Fairy tail Full metal alchemist Black clover tate no youcha Noragami Sword art Baki nantsu no tazai Demon slayer Dororo fate/stay Driffters hunter x hunter re:zero lol ihave another 365 list of animes but this the best animes
  10. Congratulation Bro ❤️

    1. Ryu


      ty bro ❤️

    2. [L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!}

      [L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!}

      Np You deserve more 😄

  11. I like it Goood Job <333 If You need anyhelp Contact me
  12. Tnxs bro ❤️ And I will Make video In Your map if they add it Cuz I love it
  13. This Is My Best Work I hope To like it And Enjoy ❤️
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