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  1. Well, now you guys know this is self explanatory for the console system, but I shall say from what I mean is that I am referring to the Super Menu in AMXMODMENU, not console.
  2. Hello I am @CleaNSkunK, if you guys don't know I am a former admin of Lost-Souls administrating Zombie Plague. Anyways I have a suggestion about the Gag System resulting to the Player Administrator Chat and the Gag System itself. 1). Please fix the Gag System that none of the players can bypass the system by chatting on the Private Chat. 2). Please allow the Gag System to customize the time limit for the specific player. (E.G, 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes and ETC.) 3). Please allow the Gag System to cancel/stop the Gag Duration on the specific player. That's all for now.
  3. Swat, for the last time this isn't going to work unless you can manage yourself from the requirements, in that case I am 100% sure you will be accepted for trial.
  4. @DraGoon as what @AmerHS mentioned, try making the hp lower maybe around a value of 150-300? Btw func_breakble and the object and the hp of it.
  5. @DraGoon I see now, it's just because of the sky illusion that makes it very dark and light ish, I see, try making the light_environment entity and try lowering the pitch to -45 making it a realistic effect well, idk if you using that. Btw the only thing that needs to be fixed is the lightings everything else is excellent, but, I think in the secret room is that supposed to be a texture or a missing texture? It appears to be checkered.
  6. Files: https://www.mediafire.com/file/59yehtoc9c36bi2/zm_ls_terraces_v1.zip/file Composition: 3x WAD, BSP, ReadMe. Description: Mini sized map, with a blackmesa theme, some parts were rushed but tried hard to decorate it, enjoy!. @AmerHS @DraGoon Opinions Bois?
  7. When I play your map the gamma of the object seems to be low which makes it a lil bit darker, would you mind if you fix that?, I think its because of the bleakness.wad that makes the objects darker and try to keep balance of the fps management and the design of the map.
  8. Well I thought I could get you by lying, but you were clever
  9. okay. now stop please let this handle with the others.
  10. You have AutoBhop, SGS/GS Script or Hack
  11. Okay enought with this its okay now, just let this be with the staffs or co-owner or whatsoever
  12. Oh Yes I have seen you with your hacks 3x, 3x is a big amount to be evident with it.
  13. Anymore Useless Reasons?
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