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  1. @DraGoon as what @AmerHS mentioned, try making the hp lower maybe around a value of 150-300? Btw func_breakble and the object and the hp of it.
  2. @DraGoon I see now, it's just because of the sky illusion that makes it very dark and light ish, I see, try making the light_environment entity and try lowering the pitch to -45 making it a realistic effect well, idk if you using that. Btw the only thing that needs to be fixed is the lightings everything else is excellent, but, I think in the secret room is that supposed to be a texture or a missing texture? It appears to be checkered.
  3. Files: https://www.mediafire.com/file/59yehtoc9c36bi2/zm_ls_terraces_v1.zip/file Composition: 3x WAD, BSP, ReadMe. Description: Mini sized map, with a blackmesa theme, some parts were rushed but tried hard to decorate it, enjoy!. @AmerHS @DraGoon Opinions Bois?
  4. When I play your map the gamma of the object seems to be low which makes it a lil bit darker, would you mind if you fix that?, I think its because of the bleakness.wad that makes the objects darker and try to keep balance of the fps management and the design of the map.
  5. Well I thought I could get you by lying, but you were clever
  6. okay. now stop please let this handle with the others.
  7. You have AutoBhop, SGS/GS Script or Hack
  8. Okay enought with this its okay now, just let this be with the staffs or co-owner or whatsoever
  9. Oh Yes I have seen you with your hacks 3x, 3x is a big amount to be evident with it.
  10. Anymore Useless Reasons?
  11. Because its for the sake of the case?
  12. No, I just saw it :) You dont know anything
  13. First of all, you cant use your powers on an admin, maybe you havent read the rules, I dont think you deserve this.
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