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  1. Bro i didnt say anything, we accepte averyone's opinion, i told u no offence i didnt argue i just gave my opinion too! And i told u with out long anime, naruto one piece.. i gave u short animes so as black clover and boku no hero not too many ppl watched em.. Also i was talking like i know u long time i cant use formal speeches with u 🖕 gay friend Again dont take it as an offence
  2. So trash.. With out the long animes like naruto and one piece.. here are the best Black clover, Dr stone, boku no hero, attack on titans, death note ofc, sword art online.. U gay stop watching icchi animes 😂🖕 Ps, no offence 🖕🙏
  3. Np ❤️ lets get back to the game
  4. Im not toxic but u need to know how to record in a high quality demo u need to be in first person that's one, u need to see the keys that i was using thats two, last but no least i was an admin and i have more than 10 years in this game and my fps 300+ better u get a better demo!
  5. Banned by Admin: SookMiniLux Reason: 'Warning: Bhop Script/Autobhop' Duration: '1 week' Your SteamID: 'VALVE_5:1:1645192382' server : zp1 reason why i need to be unbanned : i ask to review this case because i dont cheat
  6. Nice gameplay, keep up, u got our support but to be honest all what we see lately only camps, that's Ok but show more, for example, trolling the zombies or nemesis mode or a record that no one can break.. there is endless ideas. Im not talking abt you but in general. ❤ Keep up the good work! 💪🏾🧡 Best,
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