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  1. He's clearly speedhacking. Next time provide his nickname and steam id, if any other else says name and steam id is provided in demo, i won;t accept it. Anyways, thanks for reporting :) Ban Request Accepted #Thread Closed
  2. 1. Invisible Glow 2. Making someone knifer after the round has already started. Jugding from what @JiNing said, we already have a solution, his admin will be permanently stripped. IIf anyone disagree with my desision, please let me know. Case Solved Admin Demoted #Thread Closed
  3. well there is no sign of any autobhopping in ur demo. About wallhack... i'm not sure, he looks safe to me, lets hear some more oponions
  4. You have just been accepted as a member + i don't think you have the right skills to be a demo reviewer yet. Please try again latter :) Application Denied. #Thread Closed
  5. Yes it is bhop hack, if you watch this demo very carefully you can see that he's using scripts. He will get banned permanently, thanks for reporting :) Ban Request Accepted #Thread Closed p.s : this guy has also another active ban made by @Lenda -- http://lscommunitybans.hosted.nfoservers.com/amxban/ban_list.php?bid=1653
  6. Hello everybody :P i'd like to say sorry for being inactive all this time but i;m fcusing on my university and what will i do with my life, and also my phone wsa broken for a damn long time and i couldent open my steam account , but this problem is now fixed :P i'll try to come back asap cuz i miss all of you <3
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