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  1. Dissension


    Demo is DIRTY. The player who reports, when he is not moving, has 100 fps and when he starts moving the fps it increases radically until 250/400 fps then he returns to 100, then he did perfect sgs with the W in the min 17:16 until 17:21 that shows that has scripts. Ty for the report. was banned yesterday Banned by: -L|S- ArSyzt [Ge.Plyr] Warning: Bhop Script/Autobhop 1 Week BANNED CLOSED/MOVED
  2. Updated. @Gloomy removed and now hes Veteran. @[Z]aK[aRi]A^ It was removed from Server Admin. @[J] has joined as Trial Admin for 14 days since. 12 July 2019
  3. the user was reported by you. for double posting ill put this in . TRASH CLOSED/MOVED
  4. Demo is DIRTY . but unfortunately the VALVE ID that you put says it is not valid in the banlist. NOT BANNED CLOSED/MOVED
  5. The user was banned for 30 min as a warning. thanks for the report. DIRTY Closed/Moved
  6. I saw both demo's, and it's clean. Just he break up the rule of hyperscroll mouse. @Aristotleplease be more carefully next time taking an action. @Wilanosay perfectly the situation, we spoke with him in chat and thats the final decision. Closed/moved
  7. Demos is Dirty. Thx for the report. Ban Added Successfully. Closed/Moved
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