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  1. Volt

    Ban for ???

    Blame yourself for toxic and blame your friend Camaro for Autistic. Ciao
  2. Volt

    Admin abuse

    It’s all on gameme, proof not needed.
  3. Volt

    Admin abuse

    Just want to add, you and your friend have been disrespecting people all the time. Your friend practically are more toxic compare to you. I would have muted him permanently just to let you know. Telling someone to do their job when he didn’t get the confirmation it’s kinda you asking for trouble.
  4. Volt

    Admin abuse

    Closed. Due to lack of proof.
  5. Good Job @ dony Don't let us down.
  6. Volt


    Demo is clean. No sign of aimbot, he was lagging which looked like aimbot. @DTPLAYTIME You not allowed to post in this type of thread. Closed.
  7. Volt


    No demo trashed
  8. Volt


    No demo trashed
  9. Volt

    100% wh dust

    Thanks for the report. Banned
  10. Volt

    Aimbot - D2 Server

    Thanks for the report. Banned
  11. Volt

    Admin Abuse

    16) Using Infection Nade and Antidote in the same round is not allowed. Closed
  12. Volt

    Report autobhoper

    One more tagging higher uppers, your admin application will be denied.
  13. I don’t deal with reports
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