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  1. Volt

    Volt Annoying

    Lying for what? Everything can be check on server log. You joined with the name, I warned you twice, you ignored and kept on playing, I kicked you and come back been rude. I'm a developer for LS, and what are you? A trial admin, remember what position you in before making this dumb and stupid thread.
  2. Volt

    Volt Annoying

    Since I’m the one who kicked you and demoted you. I will put why I done those action. You joined in our server with a nickname “:/”, after I saw, I warned you twice in admin chat. But you continued to ignore me and continued to play the game, therefore you left me with no choice but to kick you. Between my warn and your play time, there was at least 3-4 rounds. Everything can be checked on server log. After you came back from the kicking, you said, “why kick me” and “What’s your problem” (Both in admin chat). The problem was you ignored my warning countless times but, in this instance, it was 4 times. And you said, “I’m not playing”, just because you not playing and spectating players does that mean you don’t have to wear tags? I guess you never bothered to read the admins rules. Good luck on your next application, but for now you not ready. In case you have no idea why you should wear tags, Wilano specially wrote out “Youre required to wear the tag -L|S- from now on!” Guess you ignored that as well, and you never bothered to read any of the admin guideline in admin section. The moment you play on our server, you need to have the tag up. There's no but or "I came from another server". Changing nick literally takes less than 5 second, and you don't have the time to even do that between selecting servers. The fact, that I kicked you. You should immediately tick in your brain and asked yourself why you got kicked, since you already saw the console it was about names. Then you should of changed your name and not coming back with the same name.
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