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  1. Roster Updated. @ Kraken has been promoted as Head Admin of ZP, congrats man and keep up the good work.
  2. spot light moon light nigga why you tripping get your mood right !!! hell yea fire boy i love this song !

    1. Fireboy


      Yep, this song is awesome ^^

  3. We cant ban him for using antidote, just warn him and report him to an admin if there is. Also, you said he got banned, thats enough. Also @ Meggatron Next time dont post in the sections your arent supposed to please. Closed/moved.
  4. loool Banned and moved.
  5. He has been banned 2 days. Closed/moved.
  6. He is good and i think you were lagging. Closed/moved.
  7. thats not his fault to be glitched there, probably someone glitched him there or some sb... he isnt getting anything as you can see, he is zombie. Clsoed/moved.
  8. Unfortunately thats allowed and sbs can be destroyed but I think that sucks too. Cant ban him cause that Closed/moved.
  9. I agree it looks like scripting but to me he isnt scripting, he is just spamming jump key, he isnt getting any speed, he is using a & d too and his bhop isnt perfect at all, hes clean to me If someone would like to give his opinion feel free or let me know to open it again. Closed/moved.
  10. He has been banned. Closed/moved.
  11. He didnt block anyone, thats right he planted sbs in fron of you but he is right too, there wasnt place to go Closed/moved.
  12. As i see he didnt revive him, he turned back him to human (which is not allowed, considered abuse unless there is a good reason to) from zombie idk if after getting infected or being first or second zombie
  13. Cant really see the "No recoil", I see recoil in his bullets. and about aim hell no if he were using aimbot it would be all headshots. If someone wants to review and say something here just do it. I am moving it to not banned and closing it. Thanks for reporting.
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