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  1. Me too plz me too promote me plz
  2. @Apple when was it? @FrozeN didnt you remove his access permanent 2 days ago? Nub
  3. Fireboy

    report joker

    Rip @HaZaRd JoKeR any explanation?
  4. Just ban em 3-5days, they wont glitch lm anymore heheh
  5. @ Server Admin @ Server Manager @ Staff @ Demo Reviewer Hey guys just wanted to let you know we are opening new server that will come soon as you maybe notice we added some of them to the forum, we just need somethings and they will done but i am not in charge of the rest so wont talk about them heheh Just letting you know we are opening a Scoutzknivez server, its almost done, you can already check it if you need the ip just pm or talk to me Wanted to thanks @JiNing and @AirStriker too since without them it wouldnt be possible, hes working really hard I really missed playing Scoutzknivez in my last comm so Air told me about that there was an empty server that can be used so here we go, it was a great mode with low gravity and only scout weapon, 10 bullets basically a classic mod but with gravity and scout and knives only, we will enjoy it and the new servers that are comming so i hope to see you all there ^^. We will need admins and Server Manager/s for these servers to keep it clean and running. Admin applications, ips, and rules will be announced soon. Staff Management
  6. Fireboy


    Btw guys @ Server Admin @ Server Manager @ Staff keep an eye on this guy L|S Kalashnikov probably walling
  7. It will stay like this but i agree if we limite it to idk, maybe 5 frost nades each round but thats more work and its not really a big deal so it mostly will stay as unlimited frost nades
  8. @THE ONE Next time we receive a single complaint more of you i will be adding a week ban for you for being disrespectfull, you did it with me but idc about that, i do that too but you are literally disrespecting everyone says something to you.
  9. ofc he is hacking aimbot/wallhack, ban added Thanks for reporting, keep up the good work. Closed/moved.
  10. Aps given to: Admin Name: @[Cr7] Date: 05/10/1998 Hours: 40-45 hours Amount: 4k aps Admin Name: @[L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!} Date: 05/10/1998 Hours: +50 hours Amount: 5k aps Admin Name: @[-L|S-]*Mary[!]<3 Date: 05/10/1998 Hours: 20-25 hours Amount: 2k aps
  11. and that music of xxxtentacion

  12. Fireboy

    Thunder Awp

    @AirStriker you gay look at the first one
  13. Hello Fireboy

    1. Fireboy
    2. GIGN


      What happens

    3. GIGN


      What happens ?

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