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  1. I can erase it, the server will still be attacked by bots, they do not appreciate anything I'm giving them a plugin to add to the ZP and dd2 and they never see it and can not label high rank, this is to help the server, if the server were mine add to protect it
  2. but he told me to help him in the Anti-fakeplayer plugin
  3. he is the only one who can add plugin, Airstriker
  4. New Fake Players Evidence: Connection of a huge amount of players (usually, with generated nicknames). Fakes spawn, have their own ping and STEAM_ID. The server just starts filling with the fake players Solution 1: A small plugin prevents connection of more than X players from one IP address (by Safety1st) Solution 2: DPROTO 0.9.475 and higher Solution 3: Fake Detector by Asmodai Fake Players Evidence: Fake players connect. They spawn and flood in the voice channel. Server ping goes up and the lags start Solution 1: Use Fake Detector by Asmodai (not lower than 2.1.3) Solution 2: Use Voice Transcoder 2.0 RC1 Solution 3: Use Voice Packet Limiter https://forum.kgb-hosting.com/showthread.php?t=97657 : This Anti-fake player is new The most important thing for the 2 servers DD2 and ZP, but add it their servers will be attacked by bots, the final solution Anti Fake Players here there are enough detectors http://csserversglobal.blogspot.com/2015/08/cs-16-xfakeplayers-v1131.html [uSER=1]AirStriker[/uSER] [uSER=1]AirStriker[/uSER] up to here the fake players arrive this is the definitive solution, for those bots, but you want that bots do not enter here is the solution
  5. Your name: Huusam In-game name: Huusam夊変 Pepsi STEAM/Valve-ID: VALVE_5:0:844562904 Current AP?: 220
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