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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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    1. I get where you and @Natshehare coming from. Good thing for your point @Rebelliousis to invite these players on discord = increase audience and visit to the forum and discord. Getting to know if they have good mic or not (on top of understanding the rules) With @Natsheh "HIGH IQ" , its good however don't know if your coding will help us identify if that specific player have a mic or not. Yeah I try my best to come on every so often, stay there for awhile and control the server. the 30-40 hours of JB is a good thing, encouraging players to keep playing if they wanna be CT, however ofc there is rules once you hit the milestone. E.G. go on discord server and get mic check through an admin and acknowledge them if they know the rules or not. Like I said before, I am very more happy to help players who are not confident in JB to command in CT. This way, the server can generate more traffic and the server become better and fun. Theres other JB server out there (NOT ENGLISH) and they are really doing well. (20+players) comes to show need skilled guards/commanders to create a fun environment on the server and what not. If any players here want some quick basic lesson how to command and so forth. Hit me up through message and we can organise and talk to you step by step. @Rebellious& @Natshehprob could help with players who are willing to learn this ? :) but atm. the server is full of spanish and nonspeaking english players. hard to tackle this hahah @Natshehadd some translation , however that works. cause i cbb to go on google and translate LOL.
    2. Interesting feature, i believe this will be good and different for the server. @FrozeN give him access pls, thanks. :O Fair enough brother. I trust your judgement!
    3. Always open to help players how to get that confidence in being CT and knowing the rules. Most important being a CT is just to have fun, can't be serious all the time. its game. have fun, give the terriost to rebel. *cries* You are correct in willing to learn how to be a guard. And I am here willing to help other players who want to learn how to be a guard so i can retire :D hahaha! Yeah I figured from the server been boosted, it has been full of Spanish players. No hables espanols. Attention needed on the server. Appoint new staff who be able to jump on CT anytime is key for JB team. @Natsheh Hurry up nooblet. @Rebelliousare in hand. I suppose @FrozeN you can get african snow (ithink thats the name) in the team. Most map change lead the server crashed. JB_Oasis , You are in the cage. looking in front on the right corner, if you break the box, the server crash. Respawn location for round games is very bad, spawned in cells for terriost and counter-terriost in gunroom.
    4. There are too many bugs on the server, especially when changing maps. Been over months now, don't know what you guys planning but if you want to keep this server running, you gotta fix up. Me, as admin alone can only handle much with players. it has potential and im willing to teach people who has a mic and wanna be ct as im not really online that often. regards ninja
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