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  1. Go sleep nub hahaha

    1. AmerHS


      Bish it's 10:28 Am lol

      You have to go to sleep 🙄😂😂

  2. Okay then, will be adding this really soon. Thanks for the suggestion, @MoChakis. @Nightbot. ye sure 😄 Closed/Moved.
  3. We can try adding it in Spanish and English so all the ZP players will get the warning, I kinda see it as a good idea even tho it won't have that big effect
  4. Already being solved in PM, please answer there whenever you get free. @ashrf
  5. A new man to our team! 😄 Welcome to Lost-Souls community, Enjoy your stay here with us! If you needed to ask about anything, feel free to ask me.
  6. Ughh, take care of yourself brother.. Hope you best of luck in your life, @R3DLol!Pop
  7. @huyenson we wrote everywhere to not lose that serial number, and also when you'll be trying to buy APs it'll say to you: So you lost that Number or you have it somewhere? Thanks for the donation, please whenever you get online tell me if you have the code or not.
  8. Both of them are good suggestions, i'd say +1 This would be really helpful, @Volt I'll get this if we all agreed to have it. +1 again Number 4, we may add Admins & Trial Admins but member i won't recommend adding it to there. Number 5, We can set something like "After 10 contents members can set their own rank". Number 6, didn't get what you really mean. Number 7, could be done easily and ye it would be a good thing. Number 8, Also this could be done and would make the forum looks better, i believe. Number 9, as Volt said, servers will be up soon hopefully so no need to delete for now. Number 10, I didn't really get what's this, we do have Members private section and Admins private section if that's what you mean. Number 11, Ye +1 or we can just put 1 section and throw all the not needed sections there. Number 12, Also if you put the mouse on Activity it gets you Unread Content option there. Number 13, #Neutral since i don't really need. Number 14, I feel Staff Application gonna need a lot to do And also Staffs rank has a lot of access, so i believe it should be deserved not Applied for. Number 15, we can do that but like to edit the settings so nobody will change more than 1 time every month, Btw for me doing change name application is better so we won't be confused sometimes if people will change their name suddenly lol. Number 16 & 17, To be honest that's a good idea but we have a lot of ranks that we should check to see what to delete before we make any new ranks. Number 18, For the explanation you provided i'd say +1 to be able to mention the whole Dust2/ZP/ZE team directly, even tho we may not need it that much but it would be useful sometimes. Number 19, I feel Trial DR is needed to test the member that is willing to be 1 of our Demo Reviewers, also in the past we had Staff that manage these requests. Number 20, not sure honestly about this one. ---------------------------------------------------- Number 1, can be done easily. Number 2, 3, 4 and 5 this can be made manually by going to any section of them and go at the bottom, you will see the "Follow" button, when you press it it gets you options, you choose whatever you want from them. PS: Probably nobody knew about these points 2-5 so we hopefully will make a thread or something like that to lead members about this, and will see if it's possible to make these ranks get notifications for these section unless they removed (Like to change it so they get notifications as soon as they get this rank but they can go and disable it easily).
  9. @lites done your vip is added to Dust2 Server, Enjoy your VIP!
  10. @lites That's not your steamid, please do these steps 1 by 1 so you get your SteamID: Open your cs and join our Dust2 Server. Once you're inside the server open your console by pressing ~ button. Type status inside your console. After u type status you will get a list of names and numbers for players in server, Search for your name and then copy everything besides your name and paste it here. When you'll do that imma add your VIP directly.
  11. @lites I believe this system only works in ZP server for now, i'll add your VIP manually to Dust2 Server, Please give me your SteamID so i can add your VIP there. Also Thanks for the donation! Enjoy your stay here!
  12. Eid Mubarak to everyone (Even tho i'm late) BTW @Jihad is 1 of the Arabs, he's just joking as he always does lol
  13. FIRST THIS IS MY OPINION lol. I feel this point has positive side but in the same time a negative one and may be more than the positive, i'd say -1 to this one. Maybe this idea would be good but not sure, so i'd say Neutral for this one. climber 1 i don't really know but having this i guess will make it much harder for zombie (Not always just in some conditions), so i'm going with -1 and so for the other two choices. For these 2 points i'd say +1 cause i feel it would be really good. Hoping it will be possible to get them to server tho. Not sure but It may request to change the points system, also sometimes it may be glitched so -1 here. Didn't know about the Sawn off shotgun thing and not sure if it's a bug or that's how it's wanted in the server, @AirStriker. For the adv things sure will be fixed soon hopefully. :D Number 1 would be great if it'll be added. Number 2 would be great as well if the server can handle more. So i'd say +1 to both. @AirStriker get your ass here nubie, he has some good suggestions. :D
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