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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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    1. Don´t worry, it works for any language.
    2. Hello everybody! this is a tutorial for customize your cs 1.6! No theme or images is made by me, all credit is from its creators. Also this i want to give credit to -Wason who inspired me to make this post and on which i base myself. If you want your cs 1.6 looks like this: WARNING! MAKE SURE TO DO A BACKUP OF YOUR CS 1.6 BEFORE MAKE THIS TUTORIAL, I DO NOT MAKE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR CS. Making everything clear, we started! 1) Main menu: To customize the main menu, we have to edit the file "GameMenu.res" that is located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\resource" Steam version and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike\resource" No-steam version. We can open the file with noteblock or Notepad++ for example. We can change this: To this: Now if you click on "-LS- Zombie escape or Zombie plague" you can connect to the server directly! you can add all servers and options what you want. link of my menu: https://mega.nz/file/QQMljSiA#oOVqE2XA8GMoQrxW66g94uDdif1D3ctsEI3O95j2BP4 2) GUI themes: We can change our GUI theme very easy, just reemplace your "TrackerScheme.res" archive in your "resources" foulder Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike\resource No steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike\resource Default GUI: Dark Cyan (My favorite): Dark-Green: Light blue: You can search in internet for more themes if you want. link of themes: https://mega.nz/file/EZ1xkK5L#gCV4iUnHhu_gUNfN651pTd7L-wlILP_ILlycbRj3sIw 3) Background image: To change this, we have to replace the files in "background" folder from resources folder. Steam version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike\resource\background No-Steam version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike\resource\background And paste the files called "BackgroundLayout" and "BackgroundLoadingLayout" in the resource folder. link: https://mega.nz/file/4YlRFIDI#dljGZc_xl_qaL0q9Vq6uZHGw0Gu207_1qSL8_bKP8n0 4) Chat color: We can change our chat color very easy with a simple command. The command is, con_color "250 250 250" for example. When 250 represent the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) code color, changing these values we can obtain different colors. Default: Cyan: con_color "0 250 250" Black: con_color "0 0 0" Blue: con_color "50 150 255" Red: con_color "255 25 25" Purple: con_color "140 20 236" Yellow: con_color "255 255 0" White: con_color "255 255 255" Extra: You can too use this with the command cl_crosshaircolor for change the color of crosshair. This is all for now! i hope you enjoy it! PD: Sorry about if i have some mistakes in my english.
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