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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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  • Everything posted by yhzx

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      3. too retarted.

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      1. Predatorr


        hey bro, i will unban u np :))))


    3. yhzx

      good guy.


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    5. so you made another account huh?

      don't you understand that this would make you ending up getting blacklisted?

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      2. yhzx


        ah, sure.

      3. Valk


        he got blocked xd

      4. yhzx


        big fat dummy

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      1. EmptY


        very disappointing :|

      2. yhzx


        do i look curious  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ?

    7. you didn't have to ping for a thing that most of people know :V
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    9. fight me :)

      1. Blurrツ


        xD bro 

      2. yhzx


        im rustyyyyy btw

      3. Blurrツ


        lmaooo sup 

    10. yhzx

      a basic tutorial

      and a little note for those who can't the use the console: go to the launch settings (the target tab) and type -console make sure to leave a space before typing it (works only for shortcuts) and if you're afraid if it's a glitch trust me it's totally legit
    11. so i saw a lot of newbies along my tour in this community so i decided to make a basic tutorial contains: 1)fps capping 2)bhop 3)sgs 4)strafing first thing is fps capping and the command should be fps_max "amount" and fps_overdrive 1, but that doesn't works for the non-original version of the game so u will need to use developer 1 for the problem of fps stuck at 60 the command is Gl_vsync 0 important note: you can't get high frame rates with low pc specs and high settings will need better one as well second thing is bhop and it dont matter so much about fps but minimum must be 100 anyway so for easier shit just type this in console: bind mwheelup +jump and everytime you scroll your mouse wheel you will jump but i dont know if scrolling harder or with hyper will matter third thing is the very important if ur just playing tag and that shit when everyone is coming towards you from behind you will need generally 200 fps minimum and compact of holding the duck button (ctrl for most people) and scrolling with the mouse wheel (down or up) now the most important thing is the bind that allows u to do it : bind mwheeldown +duck and tricking with bhop or sgs will help alot fourth thing and it's the most important is strafing (the aa must be at least 100 to do it) you could just do it with holding the button a and d on your keyboard during moving the mouse at the same time while you're in air works for every type: parachuting and that shit and bhopping and sgs it's just a game mechanic most of valve games use (maybe for most games with the airaccelerate command) idk if my explanation was good but if ur reading this please say what do u think and forreal i made this just because some admins think im hacking/scripting/cheating....etc
    12. somewhy i did read this without any kind of admin access
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