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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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  1. you didn't have to ping for a thing that most of people know :V
  2. why are you scared of 1v1ing me?

  3. fight me :)

    1. Blurrツ


      xD bro 

    2. yhzx


      im rustyyyyy btw

    3. Blurrツ


      lmaooo sup 

  4. and a little note for those who can't the use the console: go to the launch settings (the target tab) and type -console make sure to leave a space before typing it (works only for shortcuts) and if you're afraid if it's a glitch trust me it's totally legit
  5. so i saw a lot of newbies along my tour in this community so i decided to make a basic tutorial contains: 1)fps capping 2)bhop 3)sgs 4)strafing first thing is fps capping and the command should be fps_max "amount" and fps_overdrive 1, but that doesn't works for the non-original version of the game so u will need to use developer 1 for the problem of fps stuck at 60 the command is Gl_vsync 0 important note: you can't get high frame rates with low pc specs and high settings will need better one as well second thing is bhop and it dont matter so much about fps
  6. somewhy i did read this without any kind of admin access
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