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  1. Gain 500 Ammo Packs in Zombie Plague Server.
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  1. wass it  redeem code?im buy amo pack already,cab u come and give me amo

  2. do not give him keeps making threads for ap even though he got it.
  3. An experienced admin wishes to be apart of ls, that being said id like to welcome decoid to 2 week trial. any concerns question feel free to private message him or me. this is not permanent only 2 week trial to see how much experience he really has. @Decoid[1]^ PLEASE READ ALL ADMIN AND SERVER RULES BEFORE USING YOUR POWER THANK YOU.
  4. your vip should be set up.
  5. can I make a suggestion on what to create? make the little pool wall hall way, into an actual hall way connect it to the other one and maybe add a crouch room within that hall way.??
  6. Your name: Swat Gaming In-game name: -L|S- Swat Gaming - Youtube STEAM/Valve-ID : VALVE_5:1:1656626982 Current AP : 600 posted for swat and given ap
  7. H | S IS MERGING WITH L | S We would like to welcome H | S members to L | S community ! We will be working as one in providing the best community and gaming servers, with the best support that we can provide. thank you for your support and joining lost souls community, if anyone has concerts or question feel free to pm me this post is just to welcome them on in to our community thank you. Regards, Management.
  8. To claim your AmmoPacks you must follow the following form. Your name: In-game name: STEAM/Valve-ID: Current AP?:
  9. updated rule 10 and 12 added from zp section.
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