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  1. do you go around impressin' girls wit your 1.6 skills? ultimate cuck right here

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  2. First of all, I want to start off this topic by saying that thank you for giving me another chance @AirStriker and me realizing that what I did was kind of wrong. Seeing how things went from jokes to drama turned in somewhat a community war which would've ended much worse than it is. Happy to know that it did not went out too much. My intends were to be somewhat a troll, apparently it did not went according to the plan and turned into more of something else. I truly apologize for the comments towards Air and people out here who I offended. I had no plans to start a drama, it was all jokes, then again i take back what I said and I won't ever be passing comments on @Airstriker 'll be informing the LgK folks to avoid contacts with LS with this whole drama and just stay positive. I'm cool wit LS niggas as of knowing they can come to the point where they know that having a war isn't going to solve anything. After hearing Air's thoughts I was kind of upset too that I did wrong. My apologies goes to everyone out here in LS, sorry if I offended y'all and provided somewhat a bad image towards the community. We all make mistakes but we can move on and realize that 2 mature men can talk about their problems. Thanks for reaching me out @AirStriker Last, I want to mention is that Counter-Strike is 20 years old. There are barely any communities left. The game is aging very well, now realizing that fighting over it and going through somewhat clan wars isn't going to solve anything at all but just going to bring problems & bad image towards both community. The new people would judge us as we are just here to cause problems. Both communities have 1 perspective and it is to make sure that people are having the time of their on communities. With that being said, its better we come off with the prosperity and start off by creating a positive image for each other where the new people can leave some nice words for us in the end. I'm going to end this topic by saying is that if we would've not been mature bout this and come off by dramas, this would've went downhill but I'm glad it did not went like that. I hope we both communities will work hard and make sure that whoever is coming for us finna have great time enjoying the place. Once again, I'm sorry. @Craig Jones you know I love you dawg, you are like my brother and whatever I've done with you was for the best. I don't want things to fuck up between us cause of this bullshit which happened. I apologize to you as well, dawg. Thanks for reading the paragraph. I hope other 1.6 communities can work like this in future and not go towards more drama, come to the point where they must think its better to end it all rather bringing more gasoline to the fire. Here's a little video Craig made sometime ago to describe our friendship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    you will be missed #KFTB

  4. KTFB!!!


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      lol typical Craig shi

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