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  1. I will put you in veteran, when you want to return feel free to talk to me or some STAFF+ Good luck mate.
  2. @mrSuz You aren't authorized to comment here. +1 Warn.
  3. Hello everyone! Today i come to make a promotion to a person who has been with the community for a long time, and who has remained here despite the problems we have faced all this time. Let's congratulate @Dissension for obtaining the STAFF position, in which he will be working with me as a DUST2 SERVER STAFF He will directly administer the DUST2 SERVER, and any problem, complaint or any question you can ask me, or him. He will also be the only STAFF of the DUST2 apart from me, so any action taken there will have to talk to him. He has been inactive because of problems with his computer, but he has returned, so i want him to work with me. Besides that i fully trust his skills as an administrator and i know he will do a good job. PS: If one day i need to leave or be absent, I want to leave the server in good hands, and I know that with him running, the server will be fine. I had time planning this promotion, I know you deserve it and I know you will do the job well. Congratulations, enjoy your new rank my man. Regards, GENERAL STAFF MANAGEMENT.
  4. te bes bien bonito ahi

  5. hazme tuyo papi

  6. te estoi stalkeando bb

  7. I like it. I will add it soon. Approved. Topic closed.
  8. Dude, stop making thread without format... Check ours rules, ours format, i will move all or your post without format to trash. Trashed.
  9. Gloomy


    Use the correct format. Trashed.
  10. Gloomy


    @DEADLY please use our unban format, otherwise i will not give you a unban chance. If you don't know what the format is, or where it is located, click here. Unban format. Make another thread, detailing the requested information with the correct format. Denied. Trashed.
  11. Aps was given to King Maroc.
  12. Just take a pic dude, u don't need recod. With a simple Screenshot its done, u can use "Lightshot" for take screenshot with "Impr pant petsis" botton.
  13. What's your name on the server?
  14. New rule added: At the time of taking the photo, the date must be output in the server chat. They can type /thetime and the server date and time will come out.
  15. I'll add AmmoPacks to your account, when i catch you in game. Niceeeeee 😄
  16. Bind this command and you will have access to all your admin menu bind "x" "amxmodmenu" Or by pressing m9, you can start modes, etc.
  17. THE EVENT on the servers has begun. You can now start posting your photos / images with the best damage to the zombies you do, below in the comments. Good luck to everyone.
  18. He is the owner bro. Feel free to talk with him
  19. Buddy enters the server, you write /redeem and he will ask you for the code you received, write it there and then press enter, after this the code will be activated. Go it.
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