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  1. I like it. I will add it soon. Approved. Topic closed.
  2. AP'S was given to Cr7.
  3. Dude, stop making thread without format... Check ours rules, ours format, i will move all or your post without format to trash. Trashed.
  4. Gloomy


    Use the correct format. Trashed.
  5. Gloomy


    @DEADLY please use our unban format, otherwise i will not give you a unban chance. If you don't know what the format is, or where it is located, click here. Unban format. Make another thread, detailing the requested information with the correct format. Denied. Trashed.
  6. Aps was given to King Maroc.
  7. Just take a pic dude, u don't need recod. With a simple Screenshot its done, u can use "Lightshot" for take screenshot with "Impr pant petsis" botton.
  8. What's your name on the server?
  9. New rule added: At the time of taking the photo, the date must be output in the server chat. They can type /thetime and the server date and time will come out.
  10. I'll add AmmoPacks to your account, when i catch you in game. Niceeeeee 😄
  11. Bind this command and you will have access to all your admin menu bind "x" "amxmodmenu" Or by pressing m9, you can start modes, etc.
  12. THE EVENT on the servers has begun. You can now start posting your photos / images with the best damage to the zombies you do, below in the comments. Good luck to everyone.
  13. He is the owner bro. Feel free to talk with him
  14. Gloomy


    Buddy enters the server, you write /redeem and he will ask you for the code you received, write it there and then press enter, after this the code will be activated. Go it.
  15. Gloomy


    Read this thread and follow the steps, if it was resolved after this. Let me know. ITEM ACTIVATION (Redeem code)
  16. Gloomy


    You didn't use the page to buy? Didn't u get redeem code?
  17. No, you can play a single server nothing more.
  18. Hello Everyone! Greetings Lost Souls members, today i want to announce that we will have a small event by your GENERAL STAFF @Gloomy which I will have the participation of your other GENERAL STAFF @JoMaMa. Okey, so the event will be an interactive event, at the same time on DUST2 and ZOMBIE PLAGUE Servers. The DUST2 will be being reviewed by me. On the other hand, the ZOMBIE PLAGUE server will be handled by @JoMaMa. Ok, now. How does it work? It works in two ways. 1.1: You will have to arrive from 0 and go up the ladder in the top of the ranking on the server to win the best prizes. 1.2: You will have to upload a photo in this thread, with the greatest damage you have done to the zombies, minimum score 6k to participate. How do I participate? You just have to be among the best in the top ranking on both servers, and be part of our community. Then respond to this thread with a photo with your greatest damage done to the zombies in the game, remember that to participate your damage has to be a minimum of 6k up. Required: You have to be a member, if you are not a member your participation will not be valid. What prize do i win? The awards on both servers are different. In the dust2 there can only be 2 winners. DUST2 Prizes. TOP 1: VIP for a month. TOP 2: VIP for a month. Only the only 2 best people on this server can take this prize, Reminder: If any of the players is not a member, their prize will simply be passed to the one in number 3 of the top. ZOMBIE PLAGUE Prizes. TOP 1: VIP for a month + 10k AP. TOP 2: VIP for a month. TOP 3: 5k AP. TOP 4: 1k AP. Now, if you manage to pass the total damage to the zombies by 6k you are automatically winning 700APS. Reminder: You must take a picture at the exact moment where it says (7000 in green numbers) in your damage to the zombies. Simply by doing this, you will be earning 700 APS. Extra plus: If you manage to do damage above 35k or 35000 damage to zombies, you will gain 2k APS. NOTE: The event will begin on 06/09/2019 and will end on 26/09/2019. This concludes the explanation of the event. Administrators below Demo Review can participate in the event. Only @JoMaMa is authorized to deliver the prizes in the ZOMBIE PLAGUE, she will choose a STAFF to help her with the distribution of prizes. I hope everyone can win prizes, I look forward to everyone's participation. GOOD LUCK. GENERAL STAFF MANAGEMENT.
  19. @TBC-The Bone Collector has joined has TRIAL ADMIN.
  20. Gloomy

    VIP Skins

    In the past i considered putting some of these skins as VIP, i even tried them, but they didn't give good results. For now we don't need skins for VIP, anyway, if we need it, i will put them in their moment. Topic closed. Moved.
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