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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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    People lives don't end when they die It ends when they lose fait
  • Birthday 09/19/2006

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    i like anime ;)
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    soccer gaming

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  1. your name: Valk In-game name: -L|S- Valk STEAM/Valve-ID:STEAM_0:1:558245039 Current AP?: 7852
  2. this is easier then typing the commands in console :)
  3. servers down???

    1. Fuzy


      not anymore

  4. hello everyone how are yall doing! :drama:

    1. JhOn WiCk

      JhOn WiCk

      IM doing Great


  5. Your name:Mikasa In-game name:Mikasa<3 STEAM/Valve-ID:STEAM_0:1:558245039 Current AP?:1083
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