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  1. Updated. [uSER=49]Nightbot[/uSER] Resigned from SM position.
  2. Updated! Gloomy Resigned, Nikad is the new DD2 Staff. Edit: Gloomy came back.
  3. Updated! [uSER=25][banG']Julio[/uSER] Got promoted to Head Admin! Congratulations & Good luck!
  4. Updated! [uSER=440]Respect_lawyer[/uSER] Got promoted to the Staff team. [uSER=49]Nightbot[/uSER] Got promoted to the Server Manager position. Good job both of you, well deserved.
  5. [uSER=370]Zapzee[/uSER] Accepted as permanent admin. Welcome to the blue team!
  6. [uSER=440]Respect_lawyer[/uSER] is the new SM, working alongside Jojo. [uSER=184]Kraken[/uSER] Got accepted as Trial Admin.
  7. [uSER=370]Zapzee[/uSER] joined Trial Admins team! Good luck!
  8. Updated! [uSER=344]Jojo[/uSER] Promoted to Server Manager position. [uSER=87]Lil Pump[/uSER] Demoted due to inactivity.
  9. Updated! [uSER=342]Ultras|x30n1[/uSER] Got accepted as Trial Admin. [uSER=334]Faber-Of-Will-And-Might[/uSER] Got accepted as permanent admin. Welcome to the Blue Team.
  10. Updated! [uSER=77]CleaNSkunK[/uSER] Accepted as permanent admin. [uSER=168]Aristotle[/uSER] Got accepted as permanent admin. [uSER=198]Oxi[/uSER] Got accepted as permanent admin. [uSER=228]Rawrz[/uSER] Demoted and Blacklisted. [uSER=38]Nikad[/uSER] got promoted to the Staff team Congrats to everyone, good luck!
  11. Updated! [uSER=71]Chiki[/uSER] got demoted due to possible double clanning. [uSER=49]Nightbot[/uSER] Got accepted as Permanent Admin.
  12. As you may know, a donator has been recently scammed. An ex-admin tricked him into donating 15$. I'm not sure how this was done, but hopefully it won't happen again. From now on, if this happens to anybody, it's their own responsibility. It can happen to everyone, i know, but follow this one simple rule. If you want to donate, Donate only to the owner, @AirStriker,And nobody else. IF Anyone else Tells you that you can donate to them instead of Airstriker, Do not pay him! Do it ONLY If Airstriker instructs you to!
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