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  1. Nikad

    New Ls tag

    What are you talking about? You can use tags in any form, it's your nickname. Most used tags are -L|S- or L|S but in reality you can make any combination of signs which includes the letters L and S (as in Lost Souls). I'm not too sure what you are trying to say, mind explaining a bit further?
  2. Updated. [uSER=49]Nightbot[/uSER] Resigned from SM position.
  3. Updated! Gloomy Resigned, Nikad is the new DD2 Staff. Edit: Gloomy came back.
  4. So what? You are not allowed to tag high ranks, they know their job.
  5. Updated! [uSER=25][banG']Julio[/uSER] Got promoted to Head Admin! Congratulations & Good luck!
  6. Please don't tag high ranks..
  7. Updated! [uSER=440]Respect_lawyer[/uSER] Got promoted to the Staff team. [uSER=49]Nightbot[/uSER] Got promoted to the Server Manager position. Good job both of you, well deserved.
  8. [uSER=370]Zapzee[/uSER] Accepted as permanent admin. Welcome to the blue team!
  9. [uSER=440]Respect_lawyer[/uSER] is the new SM, working alongside Jojo. [uSER=184]Kraken[/uSER] Got accepted as Trial Admin.
  10. [uSER=370]Zapzee[/uSER] joined Trial Admins team! Good luck!
  11. Updated! [uSER=344]Jojo[/uSER] Promoted to Server Manager position. [uSER=87]Lil Pump[/uSER] Demoted due to inactivity.
  12. Updated! [uSER=342]Ultras|x30n1[/uSER] Got accepted as Trial Admin. [uSER=334]Faber-Of-Will-And-Might[/uSER] Got accepted as permanent admin. Welcome to the Blue Team.
  13. Nikad

    New item for zm

    -1 From me, i don't really like the idea.
  14. Updated! [uSER=77]CleaNSkunK[/uSER] Accepted as permanent admin. [uSER=168]Aristotle[/uSER] Got accepted as permanent admin. [uSER=198]Oxi[/uSER] Got accepted as permanent admin. [uSER=228]Rawrz[/uSER] Demoted and Blacklisted. [uSER=38]Nikad[/uSER] got promoted to the Staff team Congrats to everyone, good luck!
  15. Nope.. The person who buys an infection nade, can't use antidote. The people who get infected by the nade can use it.
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