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  1. Zapzee

    New Ls tag

    So it’s for admin+ people so players can know what postion they are but I think these new tags are good for admin+
  2. Zapzee

    New Ls tag

    Ya for admin and higher and members or any player that ain’t admin or higher can use -L|S- L|S
  3. Zapzee

    New Ls tag

    hey noobs I want to say if we can add a new cool Ls tag and I made these tag corsponding to our servers Dust 2 24/7: Ls* Fun | Zapzee Zombie Plague: Ls* Zombie | Zapzee jailbreak(When it comes): Ls* Jail | Zapzee please give me your feedbacks ty
  4. Really wow but I never got my 500ap from register
  5. Your name: Zapzee In-game name: Zapzee#L|S STEAM/Valve-ID:STEAM_0:1:18099185 Current AP?:600
  6. Zapzee


    I Also Agree That Campers Are Very Annoying When Playing The Game,Every Other Server I Played there was a rule that if you camp you will be banned and I suggest that this clan should also have this rule.From My gameplays Campers are the people that want to get aps and plus they are bots.Admins are allowed to slay or slap campers and they aren’t trying to infect humans but camp.And also I think we should a plugin to the ZP server for being AFK for too long and be directed to Specators because if there is any one AFK and a human goes pass them that AFK person might come back and infect him this plugin also can direct these annoying campers.AFK/Campers players should have a maximum minutes of 2-3 or be directed to Specators and wait there or be kicked ALL ZOMBIES MUST TRY OR GET NO OWNER :P ALL ZOMBIES MUST TRY OR GET NO ONWER :P ALL ZOMBIES MUST TRY OR GET NO OWNER :P
  7. Your name: Zapzee In-game name: -L|S- Zapzee STEAM/Valve-ID:STEAM_0:1:18099185 Current AP?:400
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