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  1. already banned thank you for reporting though :D Closed
  2. BANNED thank you for reporting CLOSED
  3. JoMaMa

    Report #1

    banned ty for reporting CLOSED
  4. Banned thank you for reporting :D CLOSED
  5. JoMaMa

    J here!

    Welcome to the forums!!! See ya in game Again 🙂
  6. Welcome back :D sure to see ya around :D
  7. Swift you and i already had to talk about the rules. Clearly you have not gone over them. Our rules are very clear about racism and that we do NOT allow it. No reason what so ever do we allow this. That comment was completely uncalled for. And another thing you is you can ignore ppl by not responding. If you cant do that you need to grow a thickier skin. Ppl talk shit in game its what ppl do but when you take it to the level of racism that is when it becomes a HUGE issue. You need to report issues that is happening instead of using such rude statements. And as you see you need to bring forth proof as this guy has done. This will be your last verbal warning. Go over our rules and follow them or next time we will be forced to start adding warnings and after so many you will be punished. Archived Thread closed
  8. It has been 24 hrs since I sent a message out to swift.... I will give him another 24 to answer up to this thread.... if he doesn't we will add a warning... and continue to deal with him privately over this matter.... thank for reporting this behavior issue
  9. This behavior is unacceptable … I will direct Swift towards this thread and possibly he will be warned... ON HOLD
  10. Just because you joined the ls clan doesn't mean you get admin... we do not just hand admin to anyone.. you need to prove yourself to the comm and be known for reporting hackers and rule breakers. We have requirements you have to meet to even be considered an admin... why don't you go read up and follow through with them.
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