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Everything posted by DraGoon

  1. How are you my old friend? Can't wait to see that map!

    1. Kraken


      Hi Fab, I'm Ok, how're you doing?

  2. █▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀

  3. The map is nearly complete after much delay. I will save the rest of my updates for the community's surprise. ❤️ Mapper
  4. Thank you for all your suggestions!
  5. Let me be honest with you, Mo. 3% of the people that play on our server are capable of speaking/understanding English. Many of the these other people can't even understand the "ALL ZOMBIE TRY OR KICK/SLAY/BAN" warning. Lol.
  6. DraGoon

    VIP Skins

    I'm going to be honest with you. I really, REALLY disagree with the addition of VIP skins. I mean I had VIP and Admin at the same time and it made the amount of players follow me triple. I don't want regular non-admin VIPs to be extra noticeable and to have the same issue. I'm so sorry. Good suggestion, though.
  7. DraGoon

    Report Hacker #1

    Cheater has been caught red-handed. If demo needed to be requested, please do ask. BANNED
  8. You mean like how it is open?? Because the original map is way more open than mine.
  9. Update #4 (8/11/19 1:55 PM EST): Textures changed. Let me know what you think. (FIRST 2 IMAGES = NEW CHANGES ----- 3rd IMAGE OLD STLYE)
  10. Forgot to include the first room. This is what it looks like compared to the original. (IMG 1 = MY MAP. IMG2 = ORIGINAL)
  11. Correction: Cleansunk fixed to "CleanSkunk"
  12. Update #3 (8/10/19 2:45 PM EST): 3rd room created. Pathway, main building, and back ledge added. Still need to add lights, 2nd building, and optimization.
  13. Updated #2 (8/8/19 10:22PM EST): Center Room: Added a credits sign for the center room.
  14. Update #1 (8/8/19 12:00 AM EST): Room 1 - Bridge and layout
  15. Hello, everyone! You get to check out developement pictures of zm_ls_3rooms_beta! These may come and go! If you think you see an issue in 1 any of the photos, let me know with a reply. Let's all participate in the mapping process to truly make it OURS! Happy Inspecting!
  16. Well this is off to a great start... I hope you know that impersonation and copying aren't going to aid you in getting admin. How about coming and applying honestly. You clearly don't care enough as you've copied someone's app who was accepted. Additionally, you didn't link any of your reports. Please actually fill out a blank template truthfully and repost. We need people who are willing to put in the effort. #NoVouch
  17. Very intriguing... you're resume states you were hired as GS prior to this intro. Must be a man of great interest. Welcome back, I... I guess? 😛
  18. Climber Zombie: Unfortunately, this has been suggested probably more than I can count on both hands. Good idea, though! Infection Bomb: Actually, the infection bomb should be strategically used. However, allowing antidote usage even after the grenade was used makes all the other players have nothing to lose. So it is kind of boring. Last and First round modes: Great Idea. Hope it gets added. Anything I didn't list I most likely disagree to for logical purposes.
  19. Hello there! I'm DraGoon, LS's current, and only, mapper! I'm going to suggest a couple programs good for mapping whilst listing pros and cons. Base Mapping Editors/Creators Valve Hammer Editor PRO: Base editor created by valve, which means it is basic and a little more trustworthy. CON: It doesn't supply very many options for mapping. J.A.C.K PRO: User-friendly, multitude of options, and easy map compilation. Also being continuously improved! (My current editor. I've moved away from Sledge) Sledge PRO: Very simple to use, multitude of options. CONS: Outdated, buggy, unreliable.
  20. What's on my mind? The addition of zm_ls_five_beta 🙂 (Map by DraGoon)


  21. *Rants on forums about no admins* *Doesn't bother applying for admin*
  22. This more of a 2-part suggestion due to the fact that the participation system can not work without the other suggestion. Server Mode Votes The server needs to open up the round vote menu to admins. Instead of admins creating manual votes for modes and manually starting those modes, the admins/staff can use the server voting system. This will let the admins create an easy mode vote as well as start the mode automatically on the round after which the vote was created. Pros 10 second requirement no longer needed! (Or misused) Round will be started automatically where as admins might forget or have a timing error. Easier voting. Allows the use of the "Participation System!" Cons Admins/staff opinions on manually starting the round. Additional cons are up to readers. I only suggested cons. Mode Participation System The server needs the pariciptation system. In this system, players will all have an fair and equal chance to become the special (i.e nemesis, dragon, survivor, etc.) How it works is when an admin starts a server vote for a mode (suggested above), players get the option to vote "Yes" or "No" for the mode as well as the option to "Participate." When players vote on participation, they compete for being randomly selected for the special (such as nemesis) whereas non-participators may not be even involved in the random selection. Addtionally, once a player wins the random selection, they must wait a certain amount of time before being able to participate again (i.e 45-60 mins). This will give almost everyone a chance to become the special at least once. This system does not have to interfere with 2x nemesis votes. Feel free to make a 2nd nemesis if you aren't satisfied with the "nooby" nemesis. Pros Everyone is given an equal opportunity to become a special mode. People can choose their fate of becoming a mode or staying human/zombie. 2nd Nemesis can still be added manually. Uses the server vote, so all the previous PROS work for this system. Cons People may, unfortunately, disagree with having to wait 45-60 minutes and would likely take their chances with 100% random selection. Slow people may become the special. (However, 2nd nemesis can still be added. Additional cons are up to readers. I only suggested cons.
  23. Hello and welcome to the Lost Souls community!
  24. Loool I'm really late to this. Welcome back nubie.
  25. This map version is outdated to a new one that has been or will be added. Do not download this version of the map.
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