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    Wow, you are actually reading this? Well I guess I should put my personal stuff on display (you wish)! I love the Halo saga, until 343i took over of course. I also LOOOOOVE classic games like Counter-Strike, Half-Life, and Garry's Mod. I am actually glad to see there is a great server after the death of ZoD.
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  1. Please report any loading bugs here. These errors may involve model enforcement and map differentiation.
  2. DraGoon

    Hello All,

    Hello and welcome to the Lost Souls community!
  3. Loool I'm really late to this. Welcome back nubie.
  4. The map has been edited and some of your considerations have been taken into mind! Enjoy the new updated! (Map still needs to be added)
  5. Download: https://ufile.io/f2tuzkd1 Contents: wad, res, bsp, mdl, wav Description: A remake of zm_five that lives to the true name "five." 5 rooms with danger lurking around each bend! 2 secrets! Sparsely placed supplies (kevlar, guns, grenades)!
  6. There is no bleakness.wad. If there were, you would be waiting like 2 hours to download it.
  7. You talking about the waterfall?
  8. I have created a new map called "zm_ls_biohazard_v3." Now I am going back and fixing up issues and adding a couple small things. Here is a vote on something I need your guys' help with.
  9. DraGoon

    script :O

    demo lelvscript.dem
  10. DraGoon

    script :O

    I have caught Lelv scripting and has be sentenced with a ban. You're report is correct. Thank you! (If you were looking for this to go toward you minimum 5 report requirement, you might need to take this up with some higher up, because I am not sure how that works.)
  11. Files: https://ufile.io/09xmk31e Composition: .vmf, .bsp, readme.txt, 2x .wad Description: This is a remake of biohazard in my vision. I've included pretty much everything you need to run it. Check it out and inform me of some issues there are that you spot. For my first submission, I seek some feedback. (There are secrets. You might need spec to see the rooms)
  12. DraGoon

    Abusing Powers

    What's the admins name (The name at the time of the abuse): Scody If you can get their SteamID to help us see who the admin is: Can not grab. The reason of this report. Why are you reporting them: They are using noclip to reach secret quicker and using uber-slap to reach heights normal humans can't reach. Also slaps individuals for no proper reason. Proof of the admin abusing their powers (Screenshots/demo/recording): Demo Linked Uploadfiles.io - scody.dem
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