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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^
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^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^ last won the day on November 6 2020

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    Playing games , Catching hackers , Exercising and Eating ( LOL )

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  1. Congrats trial admin in ze <3

    1. SZNYCEL


      Thank you bro 💕🤗🤭

  2. Hey man , sup , you may not know me , but ik you  for ages thanks for your youtube videos , also congrats in your Staff return mate Goodluck :D

  3. Yo Congratulations for admin od ZE 🤩

    1. ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      lol thanks i got admin like a week ago xd

  4. Hey bro , how are you , you remember those days at ze when i met u 1st time i use to call u mermaid :D. And we use to have fun together when we play together and call each o thers nubs xD. I hope you come back bro . i had alot of fun when u was there and i really miss u my man .such a good friend i hope u come back <3

    1. Laith Bobo

      Laith Bobo

      Hi, im good, yes ofc i do <3 mermaid xD yes my nub thanks, i hope that, and you are a good friend too, take care nub :P congratz in ur Tadmin!! 

    2. Fred Jones
  5. dude u there

    1. ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      Oh nvm lol i''ll say in discord why xD

  6. Damn RED you have level 1 noobie XD hhhh and don't have VIP ^^

  7. Wtf is that on yo pfp ? Is it some long necked dude with a small head wearing a giant ass scarf? Lmao

    1. ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      :7837_laughing_jew:Lol i will change soon after christmas 

  8. hola userfame i thought special fame is dead :16bda83e-f30e-4ff0-9858-4aca98494e4a:

  9. You're on trip with your family, good luck.

  10. when will be next video of ze?

    1. ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^

      Next week cuz of exams i cant play either record vids too :(

  11. wtf ur pfp lol

    1. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Fine now idk why it was like that. 

  12. maybe you should google it before u write a topic xD

    1. Bloody


      yeah i should use google translate,so i should google it xD

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