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    hi all me 13 years i love cs 1.6 and search for new maps or skins-i love ZP server but i love very much server LS servers
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    i dont have a job
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    fottball-gaming-search for maps skins tools of CS1.6

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  1. me too lost @Jojo but i aleardy post in this topic and me lost too now so can me back my ammo and me have steam now so give me in game plz
  2. jojo i use the menu of fps low all time
  3. He is not talking about the laser (tracer). Beside the fact that it doesn't matter if the gun shots lasers or not. It's just an effect. What he is talking about is the sprite that the laser makes when it hits something, with too many players getting shot or many players using the gun, the sprite will be spammed. Which will cause fps drop for anyone who sees the sprites. Solution : Ask the guy who coded the plugin (Crazy) to disable that effect for you. thanks lord and yes
  4. [uSER=1]AirStriker[/uSER] i think nope he great weapon but can you remove the light of laser only ?
  5. remove the light of balrog ethreal this laser weapon if him shot he turn a light this light decrase fps i think -20 fps and plz remove this light of laser weapon (balrog ethreal) THANKS FOR ALL
  6. hi all THC i think map is zm_ls_labortory v3
  7. name; kin in game;kingGAMES10 VALVE ID_5;0;1937396279 AP;1044
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