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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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-L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN
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  1. Spoiler

    where you been man ?


    1. SZNYCEL


      Finally he's back! :16bda83e-f30e-4ff0-9858-4aca98494e4a:

    2. -L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN
  2. hi

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. -L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN

      -L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN

      wasup brothers i have been playing on deathrun fusion server lately . hope you and your familes are doing great :) @CkHV1QP.pngShining @ Scream. Secondly Shining congratz on your Trail Admin :) and Scream , people like Tounsi gmer xD and all missing you :D 

    3. Scream


      :D im nub now xd

    4. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      LOL man long time no see. 

  3. are you mentally ill ? 

    1. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      No, i am shining and i have some ultra shiners.

  4. Well, i see you are active on Dust 2. But your behavior is not good.

    First of all, i know you're my friend so i am going to advice you.

    Look, all players are happy, you should respect them, read the rules. Being good Admin in our Server. Just stop using Bad Words.

    If you use Bad Words, All are going to give you  #NoVouch. Be happy, don't use bad words. I am also Member here. But i didn't use any Bad Word at here. If you can speak Urdu, tell me. I can also speak that Language.


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    2. -L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN

      -L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN

      man Leave everybody alone . 

    3. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Nothing Personal, i told you bro. I am retired, i cannot explain anymore. 

      I am retired because i am shining.


    4. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      :02smug: Just keep shining and respect players.

  5. Man can we be friends again?:7190_linkpepehype:

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    2. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Forget that past, came into new man.

    3. -L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN

      -L|S- LegiplayerofCLAN

      i was always  Friendly and nice towards you but, you were the one who started all these after which i felt so disappointed man . 

    4. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      @ NothingPersonaLForget that past, please man. Just come into new okay?

      Go and get some shining powder. All are shining, you need to shine, because all shining all...

      Read this.

  6. btw i got unbaned again so i am continuing it here :) go ahead you can say it in gC :) , if you know what i mean 

  7. hi eagle hope your Clan application gets approved soon :)

  8. If you can speak Urdu, i can speak urdu too.

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