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  1. @ Kraken Thanks a lot for the detailed info bro. My fps is an issue. I rarely get 150+ (in secluded areas) but in the crowded ones I get 100 or less. Also, can you tell me how to do the jump/movement at 3.04 in the video?
  2. @ Kraken Any update on this bro ? How to do this jump?
  3. Wow awesome bro. You nailed it! This jump at 2:40 Also, can you please tell me how to do the one at 3:04? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the detailed info @ CleaNSkunK :) Appreciate your help. Also, can you please tell me how to do a jump that people in ZP server do a lot. I don't know the official name of this kinda jump though. So I will try to explain what players do- * This jump is performed when a player is already floating in the air from a previous jump and lands on an inclined surface (like a ramp or flat inclined surface of stairs- which makes it like a ramp) * Once performed this gives a major boost in a player's speed and his air float. I know it's pretty vague description, but do you know what I'm talking about? If you want I can record a demo and post here for reference. NOTE: I'm not talking about surfing. Cheers!
  5. Bro, I bought the VIP (for three months) around 24 hours ago and got the code after I did the payment. When I'm redeeming the code in the game this is the message that I'm getting: "[Shop Agent] This code is valid but inactive because the payment is still pending, please try again later." Any idea if this is a normal thing that happens to everyone? Also, how much time does it usually take before I can start using my VIP? One last thing, from when my three months of VIP will be counted? (I hope it's not getting counted already, because I still can't use my privileges; and it will be disheartening otherwise). Thanks!

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