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  1. First off it's a she not a he and when the fuck did i tell you to shut up? maybe you're blind like you said in groupchat? You play dust with alot of different names and i'm not for sure a stalker to keep checking who julio is and isn't. I play on a daily and i ban alot of people and have experience as a demo reviewer here and other communities,so i don't think i don't have enough experience for that. Been playing since i'm 5 and have experience with amx commands since 2014 back then from RoZ,continuining with LgK and here. As you see in my account i didn't join that long after you did. You were playing when i banned you,why weren't you specing people and banning them aswell? or too much work as a head admin am i right? Gonna upload the demo now. If it doesn't anything,sorry,if it does,not sorry at all.
  2. Beatriz

    Please unban me

    110% sure :)
  3. Beatriz

    Please unban me

    I know i can't post here,but i was gonna ban him for using autobhop before he left the server. He was jumping like crazy and that wasn't for sure the mouse scroll.
  4. you just succefully reported a bunch of non-triers
  5. From what i see everytime i join zp,he can sometimes be a (sorry for the word) a jerk. At first i take it as a joke,because i don't really care if people think i'm a guy,but then continuing to ask if im really a boy,and then starting to question if my name is Beatriz or Maria or do other questions,makes me mad. Saw him being disrespectful to poopy aswell but luckily poopy never really took it too far. Since i have access in game,i warned him several times but i guess i was just talking to a wall. + happened with @Wilano in game and also @Poopy. Asked @JoMaMa to reply here. :)
  6. @Wilanoi think he means youuuuu. Anyways goodluck and next time i think you should ban the 4/5 hackers u usually play with when me and wilano join lol.
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