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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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Fred Jones
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Everything posted by Fred Jones

  1. Yo guys

    My website is done xD

    Just need to change background 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. shaw


      good luck my gay :D

    3. Kuroku


      Give link gay, its that introduction web?

    4. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Yep, it's introduction and my other details website, and Lost-Souls information is given in it as well :D

  2. Hello -L|S- YouTubers team! So a lot of people ask me, that what you use to record and edit videos, so I suggested to make a topic on Recording & Editing software(s). So, let's start with Recording Software(s). • Recording Software(s) :- 1 • Nvidia GeForce Experience :- Nvidia GeForce Experience is the best recorder to record your videos, performance is very good, and quality of videos is 720p. You can Live-stream your videos on YouTube with this software for free. You can change settings of quality by pressing ALT + Z key if you installed this software. It reco
  3. Welcome back ;) 

  4. hi

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    2. PoweRX


      But i need other 3 months to Back and for Get admin back

      Because school, after I will play with u bro and chat :D 

    3. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Good, I'm admin in ZE too :D

    4. ^_^{RedLYThing} ^_^
  5. Happy New Year bro ! Hope this time no Covid, or might be Covid-21 :D

  6. Happy birthday Carl!
    Wishing late lol

    1. carl


      yep its late , thanks anyway mate

  7. Why did you copied StrixxGaming's name?

    1. BeSi
    2. BeSi


      Oh no

      i can't change name i will wait 14 days period


    3. BeSi


      oh well i will borrow this name anyway

  8. Name: -L|S- Fred Jones Server: Capture the flag
  9. Number: 8 Server: CTF.. Reason: I really like the LS clan, I want to make videos for LS as much I can, I like to record in CTF, ZP & ZE, I recorded a frag movie in CTF server, and I think I will record 1 more video of Capture the Flag server. I made a lot of friends in LS now, and I want to help LS as much I can.. Merry christmas and happy holidays to all. Welp, I'm not much active at CTF, but if I started recording videos at there, I will be more active and can make more videos, I am currently recording in ZP and ZE, and I want to record in CTF now. Good luck everyone.
  10. Happy birthday bro!  🎂

  11. Man come back.. :/ 

  12. Hi 

    Do you want to watch any cartoon with me? 😂

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      NO NEVER!!!


    3. Motasem Sahle
    4. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      No dafuk never lol

  13. You're on trip with your family, good luck.

  14. My website is coming soon. I will add LS server IP's in it .-.

    If u have any suggestion tell me :d

  15. Bruh are you King-Spider? lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Bruh, u changed your name every time lol

    3. Hexa-Kill


      *You're changing , :) and yeah this new name is cool

    4. Fred Jones
  16. Wataheck, change your rank! Now!

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    2. Fred Jones
    3. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Hi, 1 month passed I think, can I get my food now? Please.

    4. Hexa-Kill


      Ah dude, ya know that was a joke right , why 9 comments ? 

  17. What the heck dude, look my rank, someone changed it.

  18. Hola amigo.

    Que paso?

    Como estas?

    Estoy bien aqui.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Si, corona is getting worst again.

    3. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      I'm level 86 than you :) 

    4. Kuroku


      @Fred Jonesthats because you spam useless shit lol

  19. Hi, 

    Aap kese ho lol

  20. Happy birthday Razor!

    1. Nepu


      Happy birthday Razor!

    2. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Nepu, he is dead xd

    3. Razor
  21. Sup how are you?

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