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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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May 21 2020 Last day won

[BanG']Julio last won the day on May 21 2020

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  1. Hey Julio, happy birthday, hope you will have good day <3

    1. [BanG']Julio


      Thanks a lot bro❤️❤️

  2. Happy bday bro :D try to use scripts too :DD

    1. [BanG']Julio


      Thanks friend👑 , hahaha

  3. Old but gold🔪🔪

  4. bro what happens because you beat me he didn't miss anything

    1. [BanG']Julio


      What u talking about?

    2. hebert3012


      I'm "-LS- hebert XD sucks her .i. yesterday you banned me for no reason


    3. [BanG']Julio


      Reason was blocking. Ty

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