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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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    1. Damn it craig said to u my right hand man i wonder with wich hand he jerksoff haha anyways welcome to the team 👍🏻

      1. Xaqiu


        thanks lol


      2. Wassim Gamer

        Wassim Gamer

        Welcome to the team dude

    2. Happy bday brother👍🏻

    3. Unban Appeal Form YOU MUST USE THIS FORM OR WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR APPEAL Auto Form: https://lsgamerz.net/application/form/1-unban-request/ The Form -Your SteamID is required otherwise we can't unban you: -The reason. Why you were banned in the first place: -Your ingame name: -The name of the admin who banned you: -Ban URL (Banlist link of your ban): -Which server were you banned on: -Why we should give you another chance and proof of innocence(Check cstrike folder for any screenshots). Explain: This is a necessary form. This form should be explained. The more reasons you add the better chance of getting an Ban appeal. You can write a paragraph about why you should be unbanned but it has to have those things. We take all our bans seriously no matter what. Bans made by the SERVER are not subject to appeal. Don't spam any of the administration or the shoutbox if u got banned Don't lie in the appeal, we have ways to check if your telling the truth or lying You have 14 days to make your unban appeal, otherwise you won't be unbanned. *ADDITIONAL NOTICE* We understand the hassle of being banned for no reason even though you're innocent. But...please Do not send private messages to any of our Admins/Donators/Staff regarding your appeal. It will not speed up the process and in fact you may receive a warning due to the aforementioned action. Thanks for reading, Regards Management
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