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  1. I would like to announce that we got new co owner now its jining i would like to thank him for his hard work in our community and he really diserves the rank he been doing almost every other high ranks job day and night some of our high ranks has irl problems so they inactive for now for bit time but jining been taking care of alot of things such as working on our protections for our servers and more and he still working on them atm also. 👍🏻
  2. We have a rule already saying they try to bug something out they can get perm bann after 1 warning
  3. This is really good map if it doesnt kill fps we will 100% use it goodjob on it
  4. Welcome and nice to have u here enjoy ur stay 👍🏻
  5. Lol the moment that u hide from him
  6. We have other projects atm thats y but ye will do freez nade limit 25 who ever spams freeznades 25 freeznades isnt much for them sometimes when i need to escape i use it to lol and ye will get rc done to
  7. Welcome nice to have u here 👍🏻
  8. Its useless for us this is for only HLDS we r running REHLDS
  9. AirStriker


    Sounds good actualy nightbot pin this out
  10. That plugin should work only with terorists not ct cuz ct has to camp in bomb sites
  11. By the way i have some ideas to make zombies litle more powereful might add more hp for zombies and vampire zombie will gain more hp per kill and going to make a custom nade for zombies so when they trow the nade humans wont be able to use there weapon for some time meybe 5 sec or 6 sec so this should rotate thimgs
  12. Will work on it
  13. Nightbot bann The one also for 2 hrs
  14. Here is like that we dont gag u guys cant inslut ppl or eachother there us kids in game that play we pubish right away so u guys dont do it again if we gag day will come u will get ungaged and start insluting right away
  15. Idc u had problem u guys dont inslut eachother u report
  16. They both deserve a 2hr bann also add the one 2 hr bann also enjoy ur bann both u u guys dont respect eachother and inslut eachother in public thats wgat u get
  17. Spawn if u dont know the rules read them please no matter who is who me beying owner i follow rules u cant just give some 1 trial admin like that read rules again and macho u do what rules says so thanks
  18. Lol tell him gl we dont share any if our files
  19. This plugin is from 2012 s o im sure its useless already after that much time ppl know easy ways to bypass these easyly
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