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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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Posts posted by Mr Manub

  1. Hi,  i'm making this tutorial since there are a lot of donators/admins new and old even head admins who ask for glow codes or how to make a glow code / rgb code, as title says this is to learn how to make rgb codes by yourself.

    first, "R G B" means "Red" "Green" "Blue" for those who didn't know yet

    i suppose that you already know glow commands, anyways they're these ones

    amx_glow_rgb "player name " "r" "g" "b" "a"  (you will get the same glow all rounds and dont need to type the cmd every round)

    amx_glow_rgb "player name" "red" "green" "blue" "aplha or amount"  

    "aplha" means transparency.

    How to make your code...

    those who use windows can use the basic tool "paint"
    my windows is in spanish language so guide through the screenshots

    1- open paint....

    2- press at "Edit colors"


    3- choose your color, orange in my case.


    4- copy the rgb code.


    You also can go this page and make the code



    its basically the same thing.

    When i get the code, go your counter strike of course,, open console then paste the rgb code

    amx_glow_rgb "Manu" "255" "128" "0" "50"  in my case

    I recommend  you to use 10 - 50  in alpha, don't use any high number or it would look bad and never use 0 bcs it wouldnt work, just dont use it.

    and this is the result... glow looks like this:  

    glow1.png.e636728587e4cfa1e71afb4573055524.png    glow2.png.1cdbccde7d3903d9ccfa454fdd5084c4.png    glow3.png.fd0ec28c869893f740f27cfa7fca3b34.png    glow4.png.e4265e4f9e3c315237721b50bce1fd3a.png

    thanks @AnonInfantry for taking the screenshots.

    I hope you got it, enjoy, have a nice day.


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  2. Look, if you're an admin, and someone asks you for aps, and u say no, then it insults you, what would you do? gag them, kick or ban, so if only admins have this power
    I don't think think they will ask everytime for it, if they know that will be banned / gagged if they insults or smthing like that. Everyone in the sv asks for aps even when they start to play usually they type /donate, or /give to see if they can donate aps, for me this would be good if we warn them to dont ask for it or will have a long ban
    i mean 5 hours for spamming or idk thats just my opinion 

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