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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
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Everything posted by Manuel

  1. Hi, i'm making this tutorial since there are a lot of donators/admins new and old even head admins who ask for glow codes or how to make a glow code / rgb code, as title says this is to learn how to make rgb codes by yourself. first, "R G B" means "Red" "Green" "Blue" for those who didn't know yet i suppose that you already know glow commands, anyways they're these ones amx_glow_rgb "player name " "r" "g" "b" "a" (you will get the same glow all rounds and dont need to type the cmd every round) amx_glow_rgb "player name" "red" "green" "blue" "aplha or amount" "aplha
  2. Number: 19 I like a lot LS because I feel here like a member of a great family, there're very nice people, they have very good servers and I enjoy playing on them, also it's too funny playing with friends and enjoying these servers, this is my first clan and probably the last one, btw, if I win this great event, I will share this with the best members I have seen here who have been very focused and who really enjoy this. I'll choose ZE or CTF if I win this, no more nothing to say, I wish everybody Merry Chirstmas and good luck in this great giveaway! Regards... Manuel.
  3. Nombre: Manub*LS Server: CTF or Zombie Escape
  4. Your name: Manuel Jesús In-game name: -L|S- Manu STEAM/Valve-ID: STEAM_0:1:532966121 Current AP?: 10.792
  5. In-game name: -L|S- Manu STEAM/Valve-ID: STEAM_0:1:532966121 Current CAPS?: 39.291 Current POINTS?: 114.429 CAPS AND POINTS GIVEN
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