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    Hello my name is Manuel Jesús González López, I am 12 years old I like to play cs 1.6 I started playing since September 30, 2019 I have been playing cs 1.6 for 3 months, I dedicate myself to studies and I am studying 1st year until reaching the 5th year and I finally arrive at the University and when I finish it, I graduate, currently I don't know what I would like as a career, but later I think about it
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    play, study, eat, sleep :u

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  1. @ @ pRo [T] xxX Well, first of all, first. You must have the requirements for the administrator, you don't have any reports, 2nd. I don't think you can speak English, why? Because I speak Spanish and use a translator and when someone uses a translator and copies and then paste the translation, the white background appears, shown below. I just wanted to comment so they knew that on the white background of the translator. I'm not an administrator, but I had to say this, since this topic seems a bit fake. Forgive me for posting something like this if I couldn't
  2. Hi @Wassin Gamer, not bad, I like the idea, but I think what you put at the end of the topic, @MoChakis had told you not to put names to see your subject, if not, I ask for an excuse. Thank you! Forgive me if I can't comment or post on this post.
  3. @Wassin Gamer, Hey brother! If you want to add the map of the first video, I don't think that map is a good idea, since players would be an easy target for campers.
  4. Member Name: -L | S- MaNu Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: Element Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:1:550490583 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: dust2 Description of hack or rule being broke: Wallhack Proof/demo of the offense being made: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ebj4vb2kf32wbos/element.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review: In my opinion this player is dirty, and is hiding wallhack, another player called me to check it
  5. Well, I am not admin or anything but, I support @Solarstone in everything, except for the Awp, that is a very powerful weapon and it is not fun that you can not go through the base door `` B '' because they throw you a shot and you're already dead, this weapon I don't think it's good that they add it, plus there's already the scout that at least kills with 2 shots, but if you admins want to put it to the server, it's their decisions, I'm just giving my negative opinion on this topic, but in everything else is correct, excuse me if I can not publish here just wanted to give my opinion :)
  6. Well first of all, I don't know if I can post something here, but I wanted to say that yes, if that bug is very annoying in ctf, I play that sv quite a bit and that bug is very, very annoying, to several players like me, restart but others take advantage of the bug to annoy and kill the other players, if you see only the name when you aim, and you can't move until the player starts specifying another person, but that other player, if he specifies you, doesn't you can move, if you specify another, you can move but the other player does not, @MoChakis, yes, the error is still a problem, if I could not publish here please forgive me, I did not know :)
  7. I liked bro, keep it up :)
  8. I am Manu very well known in Capture the flag and dedust2 on LS servers I had only been playing Cs 1.6 for 2 months and yesterday 22-01-2020 I played for a while in the afternoon and did not play anymore for that day, when I went to play in capturing the flag with my friend NEFELIM he told me that I was banned from checking my console so I went to the forum and registered and saw that I was banned on the LS dd2 server and the admin was mochakis and said it was by Aimbot, Please, you were wrong because I am very noob in dd2 and besides that I am only 12 years old, I do not download hacks or anything else I was trying to make reports because I wanted to be an admin in capture the flag please check well before bathing because check the valve of the player and it was mine so please take that one off or take away the Admin from mochakis because I can't do the unban request he says that it is not available I hope you take that ban away, attentively: MANU
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