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  1. even me really liked it thanks :P
  2. Ye I was gonna say that too it's so overpowered if they can edit on that mod like remove some over powers, it's will be great ..
  3. well , about i lie can you just tell me there's an hacker says that's he's hacking nop :D there's brain use it :P
  4. Wait what? First of all sorry for spamming but just wanna tell you small thing it's not even a bhop hahahaha Are kidding me :? also when you told that i'm not a real Sakran i was lying and it's simply you can check in forum if i'm really or no just check my Application you'll see my Steam id , 2nd of all just tell me why did you put valve id lol? from where you got this valve ? how how? hu ande borle? i'm not sure but i guess you just put it to let admin think that i'm non steamer and they will say ye steamers can't cheat (but they can) and will ban me :D well you just put real steam id but it's steam :D i have never seen a steamer with valve id :D ande borle :D also the thing i did in demo it's just a sgs just scroll down with you mouse and you'll crouch if you wanna test it go to console and then type bind "mwheeldown" "+duck" and then scroll down with ur mouse and look what's gonna happen.. well , i'm pretty sure that you don't hate me or ban me or something else even this is my first time i meet you and talk with you :D and you were nice with me :P so you just trying to help The LS community and i'm sure and we all appreciate it so just be carefully next time also take longer demo in what ever aim/wh/autobhop etc... so that's what i have , so goodluck :D the steam id https://imgur.com/oqeAC5y ** told you wanna tell you small thing :D haha
  5. wait 1 second i guess i was recording a demo lemme check just gimme a while but check this out , i asked the guy who gave me the mod "kinder" to explain he told me right i'll he tried and posted but post doesn't show this is pic of his post " Edit : i checked and u rly lucky i didn't found it !"
  6. omggg bannn meeeeeE!!! pleaseeeee i'm abuserrrrrr !!! well first of all , you lucky that i don't have all the msgs so i just said " i'm going to ask question who ever answer me will choose for him self a mod" so i asked a question one of them his name kinder answered my question and he told me i don't know anything i'm just new you can take my mod so i took his mod that's all :D if any admin can see all msgs you can check :D also why this kid still here? he should be banned lol he was evading 3 times even the one was there :P
  7. I do not respect those who are older than me. I respect the respecter...

    1. Noria


      I also think often. why respect the grandmother who only curses and beats? ha ha!

  8. Your name: Mohamed In-game name:SaKRaN~ STEAM/Valve-ID:STEAM_0:0:208232029 Current AP?:900
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