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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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  1. roha u here?


  2. coffee GIF

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    2. Fred Jones

      Fred Jones

      Wait how my replies are 2, looks like internet bug,

      Btw LOL

    3. El Chapo

      El Chapo

      😂 gay brother 

    4. Kuroku


      Ahhhh get some sleep broda looks like you need it. Health is wealth

  3. Updated @ Zest added to Admin list @ Nuage added to Trial Admin
  4. Updated @ Nastycamper removed from Head Admin and moved to Server Manager
  5. Updated Mochakis removed due to Veteran rank Julio removed from CTF Head Admin
  6. Updated @ NEFELIM removed from Admin list due to his inactivity on this Server
  7. UPDATED @Hotline removed from SM doe to his new rank
  8. I really love going Into hiding spots with out but I hate when your a zombie lol :) :D :7190_linkpepehype:

    1. rOha


      nah... than u didnt saw how pro zombies attack 😉

  9. UPDATED @灵巧快速Tardih added to Trial Admin
  10. Hello everyone, here i bring a thread where new users can claim their Caps for forum registration. To claim your Caps you must follow the following form. In-game name: STEAM/Valve-ID: Current CAPS?: PS: If you do not use this format, you will not get your Caps . Threads created about Caps in the CTF Section will be trashed. You only have to answer/comment under this thread.. Do not beg Staff about your Caps. They will be given to you once you and the Staff have met in the server. Enjoy, and have fun.
  11. UPDATED @ Hotline added to server manager @ [M]aNu added to server admin
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