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  1. Member Name: ?(probably not registered) Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: unnamed Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID:"unnamed" 979 VALVE_5:0:1924700460 23 05:44 90 0 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: Lost Souls|Zombie Plague Description of hack or rule being broke: SPEEDHACK Proof/demo of the offense being made: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jgwp5i1o44wfuks/unnamed.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review: He may not use speedhack in the presence of administrators and pretend to be normal
  2. @Nightbot @Lenda unfortunately I don't have the screenshots that show my old a.p, since some things were lost on my old device, including this one, if you can't give me my a.p, I understand. If something can still be done, I hope they tell me, but I don't mind starting from 0. P.D: sorry for the delay, I could not answer because I was very busy with something very important in a travel, I wait for your answers
  3. NAME: DRACON-D-PRO12 NAME TAG IN GAME: DRACON-D-PRO12 ID VALVE: VALVE_5:0:1193921228 0 03:43 161 0 CURRENT A.P: 502 PREVIUS A.P: 8k REASON FOR THE LOSS: Device change
  4. ok, but about 15 seconds of madness would be moderate because otherwise they would be destroyed very easily
  5. Ok, I understand, thanks anyway.
  6. Yes, I understand, but it would be worth it if this mode was in zp no?
  7. add some things to make it more fair, take a look to see if you agree.
  8. it's a mod for zp, I forgot to say it, I'm sorry
  9. - Oh no, the BUILDER has arrived ... RUN! -The old builder, who likes to build this here and if they did not know it, invented some things and has come to ...! CLEAN THE ZOMBIS ZONE! IT'S TIME TO RUN OR ATTACK BEFORE I ELIMINATED - CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MODE OF THE BUILDER : 1°-HP AND ARMOR : his life will be 1000 hp and he will bring 1000 of armor so he will be protected from what will come. 2°-ADVANTAGES DURING THE START : You will have 15 seconds of invisibility and immunity during the start to be able to escape and find a place to defend yourself. 3°-SKILLS AND SPECIALTIES : The skills and specialties will be the following: -speed : It will be a little faster than the fast zombie. -Super jump : It will have a slightly smaller jump than the nemesis but similar. -night vision able to see the nightcrawlers. 4°-ARMAMENTS, OBJECTS AND EQUIPMENT: This is equipped with the following things : -sandbags ( x4 ) -turrets ( x2 ) -laser mine ( x2 ) - an ak47 with unlimited ammunition -sensors (X2) and cables (X2) I will describe the objects : -the sandbags will be like normal bags. -The turrets will have about 500 hp and will damage between 80 and 200 damages per second. -the laser mine will be normal -The AK 47 will be normal but with unlimited ammunition. -The sensors and cables will be placed with the turrets and, if someone touches them or passes through them, they will be activated. 5°-ZOMBIES PARTICIPATING IN THE MODE : The zombies that will participate will be : -nemesis (the hp will be normal along with his super jump)( hp : 20000 ) -Dragon (the hp will be normal and its flight will be allowed)( hp : 17500 ) -Nightcrawler (his hp will be normal also his super jump but the climb and his teleport will not be allowed)( hp : 10000 ) (The damage of all the zombies is 250 damages.) 6°-ARMAMENTS ZOMBIE : The zombies will come with the following objects : -blind bomb (x2) -zombie madness (x1) ( Time: 15 seconds ) ( Only the nightcrawlers for their low hp. ) GOOD I HOPE THAT IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO DO OR DO THIS IN THE FUTURE I HOPE YOU LIKE. (It is an idea for zp.) LEAVE YOUR COMMENT TO TALK ABOUT THIS AND ALSO LEAVE YOUR VOTE TO KNOW IF YOU LIKE AND WANT THIS TO BE DONE.
  10. DRACON-D-PRO12


    I agree with you because before, when I played zp, it happened to me a lot (and others) that the campers did not attack or collaborate with the infection because they went to the camp and when the zombies attacked and tried to infect, when they managed to invade the area, they saw the camper that infects humans, and that's annoying. Example of camper map: remake blueroom
  11. good idea, but there are designs for zp weapons (although some do not distinguish them), for example: the ak47 gold already has that golden design and that is one of the things that helps us distinguish it from normal and not be. confused, this idea would be better in dd2 (in my opinion, I do not know if others agree), since there are no weapon designs and it would be fun to see them with a different design.
  12. You are right with the fact that there are cloned maps, it is annoying that one is playing in cubeworld and then they nominate cubeworld v1, they vote for that without knowing what is the same, then they play that and wait twice for another map, according to the death alley, it is better if you are a zombie, neme, nc or simply zombie, since there is no place to be human, since the map is small. .
  13. HERE I WILL SHOW YOU SOME IDEAS THAT COULD IMPROVE THE ZP AND COULD BE DD2 1-°PRIZE FOR THE HIGHEST RANGES : I came up with this idea because I have often reached the top15. I spent a lot a.p, to compensate the expenses, one could reward the higher ranges. The prizes that would be like this: range 1: 1000 a.p Rank 2 and 3: 850 a.p Rank 4 and 5: 700 a.p Range 6 to 10: 550 a.p range from 11 to 15: 400 a.p they could also reward the top40, which would be like this: range 16 to 40: 150 a.p (They would have to give these awards weekly) With your opinion I will be able to moderate the prizes. This idea will be improved with the 2nd. 2-° RESET OF MONTHLY RANGES : so that the first one is not so unequal that they could do this: restart the ranges monthly, which would give other players the opportunity to reach the top40 and the top15, receive prizes and enjoy. 3-°MISSIONS AND DAILY TASKS : since some find it difficult to obtain an AP, they can perform daily tasks and missions and, as a reward for completing them, they can deliver an AP or the objects that are purchased with the AP, for example: a golden AK47 for the human, but its mission would be, for example. like this: eliminate 25 zombies with a normal ak47. and the zombie, for example: 1 antidote, but its mission would be, for example: to infect 5 players. That would be very useful. 4-°PERSONAL INVENTORY AND EXCHANGES : This idea would be fine with the 3rd. Because when you win, the prizes are saved in an inventory that opens with a chat command and you can change objects with other players or donate a.p without being admin or vip. That would be very useful I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THEM AND ARE GOOD AND USEFUL IN THE FUTURE IF YOU APPROVE THEM LEAVE YOUR OPINION DOWN
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