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  1. Are you sure about it? Because i've never seen a player who does this method against me using 4 madness. 🤔
  2. lol you're so stoned.
  3. @ |LS| Hate ツ at 2:06 in the video you can see a high camp spot which you can't reach to it unless you find the secret lift which teleports you to there.
  4. Update 02/20/2020
  5. Thanks Gloomy, after you try the map if you have any suggestion just tell me and i'll be adding it to the map as soon as i can.
  6. Just the middle room. I can make it brighter, but i wanted to know your opinions just as it is now.
  7. Description: this is a medium size map, which has three rooms with at least two camp spots each. It is a semi-dark map with a light alien style. And it has a secret lift which teleports you til a camp spot with armor and weapons. Video: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8ba5vlz57dor1ah/zm_ls_Alien_Hull_v1.zip/file Credits: @Craig Jones i used a banner that you made, it's a cool one. If you aren't ok with it, please tell me and i will remove it immediately. @ Gloomy here's the map, I hope you like it. Update 02/20/2020: * Map name changed: zm_ls_Alien_Hull_v1 ✔ * Added text in game ✔ * Added more brightness to the middle room ✔ * Added sound fx to the doors ✔ Updated link. Any suggestion is welcome
  8. Awesome amine, you deserved it more than anyone.
  9. Kraken


    @ Proskater oh i understand now, it wouldn't be an extra item, it would be just a free gun, that's more doable. But humans are already too op now, it would be better something for zms, maybe they could start with 150hp +, e.g. vampires zm start with 3800, after a reset, they could start with 3950. After your second reset you should get 300hp + ... For humans, maybe they could start with 3 frost nades instead of 2.
  10. Kraken


    I agree with the idea of resetting the experience and starting from zero. Some extra item? I don't know, that is too much work and code lines and sounds like a zp level.
  11. Kraken

    Collapse Mode

    Hi guys, I made a mode for zp 5.0.8 version (which is the one we are currently using) I called it Collapse Mode and consists in 3 randomly chosen nemesis against survivors, but this isn't like armageddon mode, survivors just have 100 hp and that means that one hit will kill them, but they can respawn every time they are killed. These commands have to be here zombieplague.cfg zp_collapse_chance 15 zp_collapse_min_players 8 zp_collapse_show_hud 1 zp_collapse_sounds 1 zp_collapse_allow_respawn 1 zp_collapse_surv_hp 100 zp_collapse_nem_hp_multi 0.8 zp_collapse_nemesis_count 3 All the needed files are attached. zp50_gamemode_collapse.sma zombie_plague50.txt
  12. Assassin mode 😥it's been 9 years since the last time i played that mode. A long time ago, I played a mode which consists in: 3 nemesis vs all humans, humans respawn every time a nemesis kills them. Humans usually have unlimited ammo and a good weapon like golden ak or something like that.
  13. Awesome mode dude, but isn't it too op? It's like a god that mf 😮
  14. Hi @ E.B.D.A as far as i know silver admin has basic amx commands avaible: amx_slay/amx_kick/amx_ban; admin chat msgs; amx_glow; amx_vote; amx_gag; an other basic commands; in zp you can start modes (plague, nightmare, nemesis, multi infection, etc.), respawn people, turn someone into nemesis, survivor, knifer, zombie or human, etc. In zp VIPs have extra items for free as weapons, extra sand bags (they can have 4 instead of 2 as a normal player), extra, extra lasermine (they can have 2 instead of 1 as a normal player), etc. Vips gain more ammo packs, and i think they have more hp as zombies and get more hp when they infect or kill people. And they get 5 kills instead of 3 on the score.
  15. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ryvngzzhu00egao/kraken.dem/file
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