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  1. New Server IP ( and all non-steam users ammo packs reset sadly.. But we are here to give them back to you! or if you lost ammo packs use this format as well thank you. Use this form and reply to this thread: Name: Your ID (Can be found by joining our ZP and typing "STATUS" in console): Amount of ammo packs you had before new IP: Proof if you had any: Without proof you may receive bit less ammo packs since we wont be giving exact numbers you post. Ie: if you say you lost 1565 we will give you 1500 since it is more convenient and easier for us. Any new threads made in ZP section about this will be trashed. Only reply to this thread! Do not bug staff about your ammo packs. They will be given to you once you and the Staff have met in the server. If you notice that you don't have your ammo packs yet and there is a Staff member online, you can kindly ask them once.
  2. - Numbered the rules - Added new rules #8 and #9 Read them.
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