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  1. No. That is not how usergroups work. There are no "DD2Trial" or "ZPTrial". We would have to make separate usergroups to do that. Unnecessary. We keep it nice and simple
  2. It's probably do able but not that easy. VB5 is bit weird and doesn't have as many mods as VB4. May have to tinker around with VB5 to see if possible
  3. Duck

    New item for zm

    So we were thinking of adding a new item to zp for zombies that would slow down the people who are good at gstrafing and bhopping just slightly and not really affect the newer players. It may sound bad but read along. It's sort of a grenade that would lower someone's air acceleration for 3~5 seconds(not sure). It's not going to be like a regular made but instead you need to hit them exactly (not next to them but hit their bodies). It would cost around 30~40 ap and it would have a limit of 1 or 2 per zombie Opinions?
  4. New Server IP ( and all non-steam users ammo packs reset sadly.. But we are here to give them back to you! or if you lost ammo packs use this format as well thank you. Use this form and reply to this thread: Name: Your ID (Can be found by joining our ZP and typing "STATUS" in console): Amount of ammo packs you had before new IP: Proof if you had any: Without proof you may receive bit less ammo packs since we wont be giving exact numbers you post. Ie: if you say you lost 1565 we will give you 1500 since it is more convenient and easier for us. Any new threads made in ZP section about this will be trashed. Only reply to this thread! Do not bug staff about your ammo packs. They will be given to you once you and the Staff have met in the server. If you notice that you don't have your ammo packs yet and there is a Staff member online, you can kindly ask them once.
  5. - Numbered the rules - Added new rules #8 and #9 Read them.
  6. Duck

    Dust2 bug

    Yeah, when you spectator (seems to happen only when the person has many access flags) spectate someone, they will just start floating. Not sure why or how it's possible and it doesn't happen a lot
  7. Duck

    Dust2 bug

    Tf? U sure that it's not just you? Admins can see the dead chat
  8. amx_glow_rgb is way better since u dont have to do it every round
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