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Welcome to Lost Souls | Best CS 1.6 servers | Counter Strike 1.6 Servers, firstly we recommend you to register in our forums so you get more features in Servers & Forum.

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  1. Gain 500 Ammo Packs in Zombie Plague Server.
  2. [English] Shop Guide OR [Spanish] Guía de la tienda

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  1. I didn’t know that your purchases are different ... but ok I will buy a vip again ;)
  2. I bought admin and I thought I would get vip + admin like all other servers .... can i switch admin to get vip?
  3. Hi all ..... As you know we all have business and we cannot play cs permanently so I have 15 working days and 15 rest days per month and on rest days only I can play cs so if I buy a vip I will only enjoy 15 days which is On rest days I will not be able to play cs on working days because I am traveling for work so can I pause vip temporarily so that I don’t lose 15 days vip or are my vip days running and cannot stop?
  4. Hello family LS servers . I entered the zombie plague server last night and I played it and I was really impressed ... I paid $ 9.99 for a VIP and I have PayPal photos to prove that I bought it and I got my code ..... The truth is, I didn't know that I should click on / redoom only, but I wrote redeem (code) which is my code, which led to his appearance in the public chat I have stolen a player that I know very well, can you return it to me or change the code? I apologize very much for prolonging and let this be a lesson for me
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