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  1. What the hell? 2nd Demo is clearly dirty he isn't using hyperscroll.the jump button is pressed. @Dissension @FrozeN @Gloomy guys check both demos and please give ur opinions.for me demo is clearly dirty.idk why wilano said clean On Hold,untill Drs staff reply.
  2. Unfortunately,I found 2nd demo against @d _[G] We can see clearly hack this demo:http://www.mediafire.com/file/n7nc5r3sdu7hi12/party5.dem/file IN These moments :06:14:00. Thanks For Reporting. @CleaNSkunK Ban Added Successfully (For 1 Week). Closed/Moved. P.s: @Lenda @Wilano Anyone remove his admin.Thanks!
  3. @CleaNSkunK please be patient dude.
  4. Well,The Demo Is Dirty. He is Using Hack. We can see these moments 21:26:00 are obviously dirty. I just want to hear one more opinion and ill close this thread. @Dissension& @Motasem Sahle guys check the demo as soon as u can,thanks.
  5. Stop spamming and don't post here again.your unban appeal will solve soon. @AmerHS mate can u close and move this thread trashed section?
  6. Aristotle


    Demo #DIRTY. HE is using Hack. Thanks For Reporting. BAN ADDED. Closed/Moved
  7. Please use the proper format:https://lsgamerz.net/topic/7-unban-request-form/ Otherwise ur thread will be thrashed.
  8. Aristotle

    Auto bhop

    Thanks For Reporting. Banned Added. Closed/Moved
  9. Welcome @AmerHS good to see you!!
  10. Thanks for Reporting. But steam id not valid. Not Banned. Closed/Moved.
  11. Best of luck dude!!
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