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  1. Nobody talk to you baby
  2. Im blocked Omg 😱
  3. Server:ctf Nickname:adem Country:algeria Timezone:GMT+4 Age:16 SteamID:VALVE_5:1:1868811672 Facebook profile link (You'll need to create a profile if you don't have one):https://www.facebook.com/ganjamen.pro.9 Knowledge of English (good, medium, bad):good How much time can you be online per day? (hours):2-8 Gametracker.com Link (search yourself):https://www.gametracker.rs/server_info/ How did you find us?:N/A Have you ever been admin before?:yes How many cheaters have you reported on forum? (Link to all): https://lsgamerz.neht/topic/2437-report-cheater/?do=findComment&comment=12698 Why do you think you should become an admin?: because server need admin Invited by:nobody
  4. Hey man can u use correct format https://lsgamerz.net/topic/3114-name-change-request-form/
  5. Wassim Gamer

    New server

    Server surf deathrun aim server Deathmatch 35_hp server Really good server I’m working deathrun server beacause I have so mush map 🤩😎 thanks for look this airstriker
  6. We can add again map sorry for the two post I want add the map in Ctf What do u think @ MoChakis and @ AirStriker sorry for post again I’m searching good map for Ctf I want help 😍
  7. we can add the map no bad can u give ur opinion bro ?
  8. Welcome Back ❤️

  9. @ AirStriker i think u can add appal are good map and osprey I already play it this a little good ....
  10. Congrats for the 400Subsscribes again 28 for me 😛😛😛😛😛
  11. I like this mode good job 👏 😅😅 for the one time
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