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  1. Sure send me a message with the plugin and i will take a look but please send the sma not amxx.
  2. We can not add many weapons or stuff that will cause lag/fps(low) because a lots of people make sgs so to make it for them. 1. About infection my think it is u dont get zombie alll the time i'm playing a lot and in 5 maps if i'm 1 time zombie from the start of the server is good. And its 1 think is not allow because the first zombie have double hp to start with . 2. No recoil , i better add something to the zombieninstead of human because human are op as fk... i can just walk all the rounds and zombie can not cach me. 3. Afk kicks we need players , so its a bad ideea + that why we have admins to kick the afk when the sv is full. We have players on the server we get high rank on gt.rs we get more players for comunity. 4. This is a stupid one reason ? Think about the sandbags. If 2 zombie come they will destroy ur sandbags in few seconds plus the bugs if 2 zombie are like the same attacking the dmg will not count ... so its a bad ideea because of sandbags. I like the no recoil but i prefer something for zombie...... instead the rest of the things are.. useless.
  3. are u admin


    1. Ryu


      Yes i'm Admin . 

  4. @ Spawn enter as a Manager with me. And @ >>>444<<< as a Trial Admin acord to activity.
  5. I see nobody interest in this contest ,if u guys change ur mind feel free to pm me till then Close.
  6. That is amazing i just used and i can not stop use them ahahahah more ahego pls :3
  7. Ryu


    Next time record in ur console that guy was banned by me yesterday so its ok.
  8. I will work tonight on that , i will replace all the flags near tk the spawn.
  9. Ryu


    Welcome and non-abusive we try.
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