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  1. I can help as well between 2 servers, zp and scoutzknivez, if u need my help just pm me.
  2. hahah u gay but , yeah all the people now if they start to watch anime they start from Naruto , One Pierce , Fairy Tail , Tokyo Ghoul , Sword Art Online and many many anime i know is no offence or something i just say that most of the people for example my first admine was Naruto on "Anime max " i was having 11 i think :-? when apears on tv in my country after midnight it was wow.... So yea its just a list i dont care about that everyone watch what they like:D i like ecchi i like harem :-? But need to be a littel bit of fight and some demons etc 😄 not just ecchi...
  3. Aps Given to Dih-Kun Aps Given to Good or Noob MrSuz i still waiting for u did u get it @mrSuz
  4. @Chahid Bel @[L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!} Guys Naruto , One Pierce , Bleach , Attack of Titan etc this is the classic anime for 4 sake everyone watch them 😉 If u dont like the list u can just dont replay this list is for anime guys who is borred...
  5. Ryu

    reporting for Ryu

    I mess up the screens i have a lot for every think i punish or abuse of admins. That one waa a mistake. I m going to work rn i will post the real photo with everythig tonight . And explain the photo when player no swear start to sai stop fighting .
  6. Ryu

    reporting for Ryu

    1. Instead of Baning one admin i decide to give both of them time out 10 minuts to calm down because the players start to complain :) And it is not faire to gag just 1 because both of them start to fight. See the picure. 2. I didant was disrespecting with players or treating them :) All the time i make my job and everyone can see it to @Respect_lawyer @JiNing They play with me and they know more and @[L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!} they know me and they know what i do :) 3. If i`m boosting the sv this is not mean that i can do whatever i want yes but acord to others i respect all the rules;) 4. What u say about the "We All need to follow the rules?" He didant follow like 5 rules;)
  7. Ryu

    reporting for Ryu

    ok now my trun -> You and deadly fight for like 20 minuts i warn you to stop player complayin i gag both of u https://imgur.com/a/1wxctu7 Photo. https://imgur.com/a/Dcc4MQH Photo. https://imgur.com/a/qmzBc9C Photo of player start to complain. I tel to you engouth is enought stop or i gag You Broke the rules: 1)Be respectful to other players. 10) Admins must obey the orders of their superiors. 11) Admins must only punish a player if he break a server rule. 1. You do NOTHING LIKE AN ADMIN 2. YOU ABUSE SLAP/SAY/ETC! 3. You are a disapointment for the SERVER! you fight with players you give mods just for yourself , Why i say all of this? a lots of player with advertising and nothing else. I told to u Be respectfull with others and what u say to me? to mind my bussness . @ General Staff Take a look on ALL THE PHOTO! and take a look at what he acsualy say because he screenshot what he like i screenshot everything 🙂 edit : What u do for the server? you keep it safe? YOU DONT DO NOTHING No Mods No Advertising the site NO NOTHING you come and play and that is it and you are SERVER ADMIN ! 1. All the time when i`m enter i spend at least 1h spec check every single player do dont block to attack 2. All the time i give mods to the player`s 3. Today was on the sv a lot of people with the name "Zombie X server Bla bla bla .com" what did u do? NOTHING! 4.I change the name i ban the people when u play normaly and by urself 5.You say to me that i didant respect u? i tell to you on admin chat YOU ARE ADMIN STOP FIGHTING AND LEVE HIM ALONE! but u continuee and player start to complayin "Admin can u stop them fighting?" And i warn u 2 times and i gag u 🙂 Good Luck next time Regard Ryu - Staff.
  8. @Freesh.pe do u know that u need to use in game /redeem and after this you press enter and enter the code u have yeah? to have admin? u need to do it all the maps u dont put the code u dont have admin its simple , with m9 u need to have /redeem active :) Tell me if the problem is slove.
  9. Ty , i love ur music aswell xD ❤️ 

  10. I like your Music Its op of Naruto shippuden ❤️❤️

  11. In-Game Name : Ryu Real Name : Mihai Sebastian Ionita Age/Birth Date : 24 Year`s July 06 1995 Country/State (province)/City : Romania , Constanta But now i`m in London , Bucknham Current Job/Career : Chef Job/Career you want : I have already what i want 😄 Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name) : Zombie Plague Steam (if you have) : Profile-Steam 😄 who invited you here? : Nobody i just see a video on yt from RawrIsHere and i just love the server i watch a lot of the content of that guy and i love it so i decide to come to play on this server:D
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