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Clean version of Counter Strike 1.6
Asking for Free Admin+ rank and Free VIP will be subject to Permanent Ban!!
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  1. Boss 🔥🔥

  2. Ryu

    come on steam

  3. Ryu

    roha u here?


  4. Ryu

    hi man can u look up on zm at my vip+admin code? 

  5. are u admin


    1. Ryu


      Yes i'm Admin . 

  6. @ Spawn enter as a Manager with me. And @ >>>444<<< as a Trial Admin acord to activity.
  7. Ryu

    I did not post that one or to tell to him to post it.

  8. Ryu

    Happy birthday! !!

  9. -L|S- Capture the Flag - Map List fy_cluj_winter2 de_dust2 fy_new_pool_day2 de_dust2_2006 fy_snow_pool de_inferno fy_dinoiceworld fy_snow_dew de_dust2_1337 fy_snow cs_italy32 de_dust cs_assault_upc aim_building_ewar de_dust fy_snow_temple_final de_inferno de_westwood_big de_dust2002 fy_new_pool_day2 cs_italy32 de_dust2_2006 de_inferno2010 de_dust2 de_avangard fy_cluj_winter2 de_nuke_rarea cs_assault_1337 de_dust2_1337 de_train_night fy_snow_dew cs_crackhouse fy_snow_temple_finale Regards, Staff M
  10. @Nastycamper / @Carla Lucero @Armando @enfxrma @ [M]aNu @ Nuage @ NEFELIM - N/A Any reports regarding admins abusing/admins not doing their job must be directly report to @Nastycamper @Fireboy or reported in Admin Abuse under Reports Section. Regards, Staff Management.
  11. How to Play There are two teams on each side of the map: Terrorists (Red) and Counter-Terrorists (Blue), with each team having a flag nearby their spawn (base). The main objective of the game is to capture as many enemy flags as possible while defending your own team's flag. The enemy's flag can be stolen by walking over it, and your own flag can be retrieved in the same way, after killing the flag carrier. Basic Information The flag carrier can be identified by a red spot on your radar (green circle at the top left of your screen), and also by reading the word "VIP" attached
  12. Happy birthday! !!!!!!


  13. Congratulation Bro ❤️

    1. Ryu


      ty bro ❤️

    2. [L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!}

      [L|S]King Maroc Moh3#!}

      Np You deserve more 😄

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