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  1. Your name: My first Name is Mindaugas In-game name: $CASH$Minde STEAM/Valve-ID: VALVE_5:1:792757727 Current AP?: 46
  2. Thank's for the reply mate! Well , maybe there could be only 6-7 mins? That would not make a big problem for Zombies, and I'am competitive guy, I would like to use some tactics as Zombie, Cause Most of the Zombies are not trying if it's hard (no offence, other's are great at effort)!
  3. In-Game Name : $CASH$Minde Real Name : Mindaugas Age/Birth Date : 2000/12/27 Country/State (province)/City : Lithuania, Panevėžys Current Job/Career : Currently I do not have a Job Job/Career you want : Well, I would like to work at Job which would give me good vibes and I would be happy with it, so that Job might be a Mechanic or secondly I would not mind to work at the Military of My Country due to server for my Country. Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name) : Zombie Plague server, because it gives me Nostalgia, When I was Young, I would play 1.6 ZP server's all the time. Steam (if you have) : jazminas69, invite me if You want (New account, i handed my old Account to my Brother, because he is Younger and He likes gaming) who invited you here? : Well, No-one invited me here, I'am a guy who likes to help a Community and likes to be a part of something amazing, I was in A Lithuanian Community called Saudykla, I was Co-Owner there and I did pretty good actually(a bit of self praise lmao) , But sadly I had to quit it due to Job and Family stuff, And that Community collapsed, and a few weeks ago I checked for some 1.6 Project's that were active, and I found this WebSite and I liked it! So from that time I started to play in Your Server's , but the most impression left Zombie Plague server, and I will be playing there mostly, I will help with what I can to help this Community be the best version. That's all for now! Cya
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, As I've been playing ZP server for some time now, I noticed that Round's are too short, Like, Round start's and I buy a load of things with Ammo Packet's, and I don't get time to use them against Zombies due to round ending, I would suggest to make ZP round's not 4-5mins, but like Round which has 10min, That would make more sense I guess for those who buy things with Ammo packet's, and I would be more fun to play when Time of Round is longer, it Would make more competitive spirit for sure. I'm suggesting it because it would make more sense to player's I think. So the suggestion is : Make Zombie Plague Round at least 8-10minutes.
  5. Your name: My first Name is Mindaugas In-game name: $CASH$Minde STEAM/Valve-ID: STEAM_0:1:217825523 Current AP?: 46
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