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  1. When I killed the guy for the 3rd time, that guy was with admin yoda, behind yoda sandbags só that’s why he turn him back to human again, While we were only 2 guys being zm but my teammate was afk so I was by self
  2. What's the admins name (The name at the time of the abuse): YoDa If you can get their SteamID to help us see who the admin is: VALVE_5:1:1956528405 The reason of this report. Why are you reporting them: this admin yoda revive a guy after I killed him twice in the server ZP, soo please give im a warning or just take the admin out! Proof of the admin abusing their powers (Screenshots/demo/recording):
  3. This guy does aimbot just now on zp server pls ban
  4. Member Name: DTPLAYTIME Nickname of the Hacker/Rule breaker: DEADLY Hacker's/Rule breaker's Steam ID: VALVE_5:0:1152206157 Which server was the Hacker/Rule breaker in?: ZP Description of hack or rule being broke: No Recoil [ez kills for him] + aim Proof/demo of the offense being made: www.mediafire.com/file/39qr92rr7dupqzf/DEADLY.dem/file Additional details needed for our DR team to review: He was playing on zp with no recoil and his aim shoots straight in steady going everywhere his fps is good but I feel he needs a ban! for no recoiling! [ NO RECOIL = SHOOTS straight and never missing/KILL EZ ] Regards, DTPLAYTIME / LUCAS ALVES / 9q 4cHance

    wh +aim dust

    I say BANNED! Because early today this guy was banned by me with aimbot! so for me I’ll say his banned !
  6. In-Game Name : DTPLAYTIME or 9q 4cHance or dtplaytime Real Name :Lucas Alves Age/Birth Date :18 Country/State (province)/City : Toronto, ON, Canada Current Job/Career :unemployed Job/Career you want :want to be a mechanic Which of our server(s) do you most prefer(name) : dd2 24/7 Steam (if you have) : STEAM_0:1:429226485 who invited you here? : I found it! I invited my self!
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