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  1. so wheres the problem with me ? prem banned for calling somone dumb and he was my freind btw ? and ok lets say i insult someone i didnt but ok .. why should i be prem banned? why not 30 min or 2 hours as all the players ?
  2. What's the admins name (The name at the time of the abuse): jining If you can get their SteamID to help us see who the admin is: The reason of this report. Why are you reporting them: well first I got Banned For nothing In Zp i was playing at moring and everything was fine for me .. after that i played csgo 2 hours i tried to connect to server again to play its saying i got prem banned .. i check the froum also i got banned in froum .. for what? its sayig for being toxic i was not toxic i was playing and having fun i dont know whats jining problems with me he deleted me steam week ago and i dont care about man the point is why i got banned for i need demo for that plus my freind also got banned i know one thing admin before 2-3 weeks i got ban for glitching player its was Samantha i tried to glitch her inside spot but she glitched out of the spot by mistake after that i got banned 2 hours .. i was trying to help but well he should Warning me to dont do it again but no i got banned without Warning well i ingored it .. so today Samantha asked him to ban 2 players for nothing and he did well they said they have proof for it ? lets see what i did to be banned for toxic also my freind got banned for toxic he was using t virus to kill Samantha when i was playing csgo its annoyed her so he just banned him for that ? i dont know what really happend there but i am talking about myself now i wanna proof why i got banned for and if i was annoying i should be banned for 30 min or 2 hours as rules said not prem banned lol i am old player here also i joined here for some freinds who invitied me i left many zombies server to come here and get disrespect. ? well jining i believe you work hard for the server but thats doesnt mean u can ban prem who u want you losing players you can say this post for unban and also admin abuse report thank you Proof of the admin abusing their powers (Screenshots/demo/recording):
  3. Camaro.

    Admin abuse

    i am not asking to take his admin away i dont care about the gag also i am reporting him for being rude and not doing his admin job plus if he wont do his job why he is at adminsTeam? for gag and ban ppl only ? and try to make funny jokes in another post bcs i am serious :)
  4. Camaro.

    Admin abuse

    good sir then if u see one of us broke the rules you can easy ban him or do what you want dont wait for me to report your freind to say it right now thanks :)
  5. Camaro.

    Admin abuse

    plus i am asking him to his job bcs i was admin here before and its badly if i didnt do my job and i also asked you guys to demoned me bcs i am getting no respsect so i am as normal player also not getting respect ? what should i do with u ? leave ls ? no thanks i am having fun here :)
  6. Camaro.

    Admin abuse

    do u have any demo for that ? bcs me and my mate playing and we in discord call without saying anything i remmber last time u called me retard and what ever so stay away from it bro if u dont have proof thank you
  7. Camaro.

    Admin abuse

    What's the admins name (The name at the time of the abuse): MoChakis If you can get their SteamID to help us see who the admin is: . The reason of this report. Why are you reporting them: Well this guy i asked him to take 5k ammo from me and send it to my freind he said its not allowed i told him : all the Stuff doing it for me like i did send for players before fireboy did old stuff nightbot did jining did for me also air told me before he will took my ammo from my old acc and send it to main acc so when i said that he said ok but i dont i told him do your job he said no well after that i said something in arabic means arabic ppl are shit :) well i am arabic also but the point is why this guy gagged me for 1 and half hour ? well after that my freind told him wheres the rules he got gagged also so this guy playing with rules or what? if he has problem with me or with anyone of us he cant do his shit like that .. 1 and half hour for saying something like that ? i am leaving it for you guys also i want AirStriker to say something about it thanks Proof of the admin abusing their powers (Screenshots/demo/recording):
  8. i love this guy <3

  9. Camaro.

    reporting for Ryu

    well i didnt do anything for the server ? can you show me screenshot when u asked me to respsect the player ? you did not do anything there you was in spec watching us playing and i do not call it fight we just talk this player free to think/do what he want and he is free to reprot me its maybe will give us some feedback for server so when i say go reprot me i mean with it go give us some help for the server and also you said i broke the rules when i did ? and how did you know i didnt do anything for the server ? well i will respsect what you said but you have no deal about what you said ( you didnt ask me to stop you didnt Warning me and you also cant Warning me beucse i am there also to help players and if you didnt see me kicking or doing my job there theres a lot of admins saw me doing it also for the screen shoot you save you slay a player and i respwan him you called me "Camaro you idiot or idiot" remmber that ? and this screen before 1 week ago thats mean you are working at that from long time ? what the hell...
  10. Camaro.

    reporting for Ryu

    What's the admins name (The name at the time of the abuse): -L|S- Ryu If you can get their SteamID to help us see who the admin is: STEAM_0:0:438663484 The reason of this report. Why are you reporting them: he gagged me i was talking with guy called me cheater and i asked him to reprot me he is free to do what ever he want his name ("DEADLY" this guy didnt respsect me keep talking shit to me and i ingore him i told him i am older then your fahter show me some respsect and he didnt say anything about that he asked kaf kaf to do deal with me to stop , what should i stop cheating ? i am not cheater lol and after that i didnt talk to him anything for one round so after that im trying to type im getting message you have been gagged or something like that i told him to gag me its bad idea he started threat i will ban you and i will demoned and also asking me to respsect high ranks ppl i did not even talk to him and i did not even talk with any admins bad before so why asking me to respsect high ranks if i didnt do anything ? well its make me mad bcs i am admin there and i am not getting respsect and also he is new as admin a 3 days ago i helpt him with some commends to use he does know how to use its not the ponit now i will ask for something if he didnt get demoned today i am asking you guys to remove my admin thank you i am doing my best on server to keep it save and good for all of us and all im getting is Lack of respect thank you Proof of the admin abusing their powers (Screenshots/demo/recording): 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6-
  11. Camaro.

    freeze nades

    yes , RC Bomb Killing The zomies even if they are using madness or they are freeze so we should fix it, first things vips using 2 of this so maybe make only one and maybe try to stop the damge when the zombies /freeze/madness my idea was to remove it but many admins like the rc bomb so . ..
  12. Camaro.

    freeze nades

    hello everyone . a one week ago we talked about some fixes for the server and nothing changed we talked about rc bomb and its one of the big problems we have there . and nothing new. i am going to talk about something more annoying and a lot of players need fix for that ( its about freeze bomb ) most of admins with full respect for all of them they buy a lof of freeze bomb everyround and keep freezing the zombies its annoying they got 100k+ ammo and they dont care how many they buy but for normal players its annoying already and i hope to fix this problem thank you guys
  13. Camaro.


    What's the admins name (The name at the time of the abuse): SAYLER If you can get their SteamID to help us see who the admin is: VALVE_5:0:49560679 The reason of this report. Why are you reporting them: at first theres a guys his name (ar) insulting the players i was one of them sayler was there on server he didnt gag or ban him he was just watching so we talked to admins on fourm and they joined and banned this guy so thanks to @Nightbot. second thing this sayler guy truned himself to second nemsis i didnt care so he can be nemsis one time per week or day what ever the rules next map he truned a guy first nemsis ( and as i know the rules first nemsis should be random he truned a guy his name shaka after 40sec-1min he truned himself to nemsis again when he saw himself in spot with full humans so he did it like3 times in row he make himself nemesis i think you guys should talk to him about it he should be more carefull he does know how the admin rules work Proof of the admin abusing their powers (Screenshots/demo/recording): i have to demos first one for trunning shaka as nemsis by himself chose second demo when he truned himself to nemesis 1-http://www.mediafire.com/file/jbmrbh1sxlw9ssn/abuse.dem/file 2-http://www.mediafire.com/file/vsvgaq34i190b7d/abuse2.dem/file
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