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  1. good bye LS gamerz hello evryone i really have a good time with you guys i think its time to go out i think there is another community need me so i want to say i really loved you guys but you didint gived me a chnace to be with LS team so iam in RoZ with King and Xmix and Dragon i want a special thank for the owner @AirStriker you are really a good person dude u gay xD but your team is sucks so i want to say good bye to you and to all the players and staffs and admins so have a good days with this community . if you need me guys just contact me you know my FB
  2. why he slay him he should ban him or tell me this programme is for cheaters
  3. HEY HEY HEY IM NOT REPORTING THIS GUY CUZ HE REPROTING ME i just was playing and i see this "Player "~L|S~ JoKer" triggered speedhack alert with speed gain percentage 36.649776. i ask the admins about this programe is for cheaters ? and mary say yes and dony say what is it i told him ls joker is cheating he told me to slay him and i tell hil ill go to check and he slay him proof
  4. thanks dude i really forget this . this is so helpful ty ❤️
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PspVhW3d2xg
  6. lol @SookMiniLux this was my demo when i report nicko
  7. this is wrong demo iam asking @Nightbot. to unban him
  8. @SookMiniLux please upload ur demo @Nightbot. you should take a look here
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